Puzzles 1000 pieces

Jan van Haasteren puzzles

Jan van Haasteren puzzles are very fun puzzles to make. They are known for the many surprising and funny elements that are incorporated in the puzzles. You can keep looking at these puzzles and you will discover new elements all the time. In all JvH puzzles you often see fixed recurring elements back, such as: the shark fin, the teeth, Sinterklaas, the hands, the eyes, the glasses, the squid, the cats, Super snail. And much more. When you have made these puzzles, you often immediately start looking for all those elements. But….there are often even more elements! Which are surprising to everyone. Watch our videos on this website at the Jan van Haasteren puzzles, and then we will show you which elements we have discovered. Have you made a puzzle too? Then upload a photo of your puzzle and write a review. Have fun puzzles!
Puzzle dimensions 1000 pieces for a puzzle mat or to frame your photo? I have made an overview of all dimensions of all puzzles (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 pieces etc). View our overview of 'Dimensions all puzzles'. Another overview we have made is the 'list all Jan van Haasteren puzzles' (1000 pieces).
- Jan van Haasteren Formula 1 or Grand Prix
- Jan van Haasteren Eurovision Song Contest

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Ravensburger puzzles

On this site you will only find Ravensburger puzzles of 1000 pieces. We also show a lot of Disney puzzles from Ravensburger here, since they have made a lot of them. In addition to puzzles, Ravensburger also makes Puzzle Mats, of which the 'Roll your puzzle' can be used up to 1500 pieces. One of the more fun puzzles is that of our own capital Amsterdam: Fleroux – Amsterdam cities of the world'. They also have these for other cities. Also popular are the animal puzzles of 1000 pieces.

King puzzles

The King puzzles come in various categories, namely:
– Comic Collection (comic collection, this also contains the city puzzles);
– Disney Puzzles;
– Kids Puzzles;
– Roll & Go (these puzzles are already rolled up in a puzzle mat. You can roll out the puzzle mat and start immediately. A bit for the convenience puzzler);
– Compendium puzzles (these are all combination puzzles; the 2-in-1 or the 3-in-1 for example).
King has a lot of Disney puzzles in their range. Also cartoon-like puzzles, with many fun elements drawn in them. Also a large selection of Christmas puzzles
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Puzzle folders

A puzzle folder is a folder containing several sheets. you put your puzzle pieces on these sheets and make your puzzle. When you're puzzling, you can easily slide the puzzle sheets into the puzzle folder and zip this puzzle folder closed (often 1 or 2 zippers). You can then easily store your puzzle - which is not yet finished - by placing or placing the folder somewhere else in your house. Your puzzle pieces do not move on the puzzle sheets in the map and the puzzle pieces do not fall over. Puzzle folder is also sometimes called puzzle case.
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Puzzle mat

A puzzle mat is a thin mat of fabric or a kind of felt, with which you roll up your puzzle around a cardboard tube. Then you put two elastic bands around it and then you can roll up your puzzle and put it somewhere else in your house.
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Largest Puzzle in the World

What is the largest puzzle in the world? Which puzzles are in the Guinness book of records? Which is the puzzle with the most pieces? What is the largest puzzle I can buy and make myself? All kinds of fun questions that will make the real puzzler very happy. I have made a nice overview on this page. Some puzzles that are very large or the largest, you can just buy them in a store or order them online. Some of the puzzles in the overview below belong to attempts to break the world record for 'largest puzzle in the world'. So you can't buy it.
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Puzzle glue

Puzzle glue is a transparent glue that dries clear. It is a glue with which you can glue all the puzzle pieces of your puzzle together. Puzzle glue is used to frame or hang a puzzle or to put it upright.
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Puzzle Framing

You can frame a puzzle that you really like and hang it on the wall or give it to someone as a gift. But how do you frame a puzzle you've made? Suppose you have made a puzzle of 1000 pieces: should you buy a puzzle frame of 68×49 or of 70×50? I'll explain it to you on the next page. There are three options:
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