King 'Santa Giving Presents' – Christmas Puzzle 1000 Pieces


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Get into the Christmas spirit with this fun King Santa Giving Presents Puzzle! The Christmas puzzle consists of 1.000 pieces. I haven't made this puzzle yet. But I've heard it's very popular! Have you already made it? Then give a review below and upload your photo! That's this puzzle. A fun puzzle to make at Christmas:


A Christmas Puzzle

This puzzle is great fun to make or to give as a gift during the Christmas season. There is a special overview with all christmas puzzles. A a special category 'Jan van Haasteren Christmas puzzles'

King 'Santa Giving Presents' – Christmas Puzzle 1000 Pieces - where to buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site 17,99 (Oct 2022) Buy now

King 'Santa Giving Presents' – 1000 Piece Christmas Puzzle - Specifications

EAN 8710125856230
Puzzle number Unfamiliar
Kind of product Jigsaw puzzle

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Puzzle 1000 pieces
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