Ravensburger Disney 'Wicked Women' 1000 pieces


This Ravensburger puzzle is a real Disney puzzle and the title of this jigsaw puzzle is wicked women. In other words, the 'angry women' or 'bad women' from some wonderful classic Disney movies. The puzzle is in this box:

The Disney movies you see on the puzzle are:
101 dalmatiers

  • Snow white
  • Little Mermaid
  • Alice in Wonderland and
  • Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Beauty.

I'll show you which angry women from the classic Disney movies you see. At the top left of the puzzle you see Cruella de Vil from the classic Disney movie 101 Dalmatians:
At the bottom left you see from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty you see Maleficent:

In the middle of the puzzle you see from the Disney movie Snow White The Evil Queen also called Evil Queen Or Evil Witch:

At the top right of the puzzle you see from the Disney movie Little Mermaid Ursula:

And at the bottom right you see from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland The Queen of Hearts:
queen of hearts_of_the_classic_disney_film_alice_in_wonderland

And again in the video:

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What will you encounter when you have made this Ravensburger Disney jigsaw puzzle?

We start at the top left of the puzzle from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians with the evil woman Cruella de Vil.

As you can see you see a few small dogs and two small dogs below her and those are the Dalmatians. And Cruella trying to kidnap the dalmatian puppies to turn a union into coats. Cruella is married to a fur trader. And she is portrayed in the film as a mean woman in her marriage but also for her environment. Her husband who listens very well to her and who is very obedient and rarely contradicts her. Her husband also gives her very special clothes and extravagant clothes to keep her happy. And you can see that in this puzzle that she is depicted with a large fur coat and a beautiful bag.
The difficult thing when you make this puzzle are the pieces you have to put at Cruella de Vil. Those are the fur collar but also the Dalmatian pieces that look very similar and that is very difficult to put on. Easier here are the edges on which small dogs are also depicted and they are easy to recognize and therefore faster to lay.

Bottom left at the puzzle city Maleficent from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty / Sleeping Beauty.

Maleficent is the evil fairy who curses Sleeping Beauty for not being invited to Sleeping Beauty's christening day. As you can see Maleficent has an almost green skin and yellow eyes. And you can also see that she is wearing a long black dress with a purple lining. Maleficent wears a hat with horns on her head and covers her whole head and neck. You can also see that she wears a ring on her right hand with a black stone on her finger. And the orb on top of her long wand is the same color as her eyes. When Maleficent appears or leaves somewhere, green flames always appear. And then you also see part of her punishment and the wide-spread sleeves of her cloak. You almost always see Maleficent with her pet the raven Diablo and this raven that also sits on the ball of her staff. Maleficent can easily travel enormous distances and she can turn into a dragon. She can also cast heavy spells with ease using her wand. If you make this puzzle Maleficent is one of the easiest to make and we started with that with the puzzle. The flames that are quite easily recognizable in front of her dress. And her head is also quite easy to make.

In the middle of the puzzle you see the Evil Queen from the Disney movie Snow White.

Everyone knows the famous saying 'mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful in the land'? The Mirror always said that the Queen was the most beautiful until the Mirror said at one point that Snow White was the most beautiful. The queen didn't like that and the queen turned into an evil witch. And she decided to offer a poisoned apple to Snow White so that she would die. Snow White took a bite of the apple and fell dead. However, Snow White who was rescued by a prince. The prince who took Snow White with him. However, Snow White tripped over a tree stump and the piece of apple she had eaten shot out of her throat. And then Snow White came back to life. On the puzzle also see how the Evil Queen has turned into a witch where she has a beautiful red poisonous apple in her hand. I found the queen from the Disney movie Snow White the most difficult to make with this puzzle. The Wicked Witch standing at the bottom in the black robe, that is also very difficult to make and the green liquid in the pan is also very difficult to make.

At the top right of this Disney puzzle you see Ursula from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

In this film, Ursula makes wicked plans to steal King Triton's Trident. This allows Ursula to rule over all the seas. Ursula is a real mean sea witch. Ursula was quite easy to make in this puzzle, the pieces are recognizable by the greenish color and the dragons with the purple are also easy to place in this puzzle.

Finally in this puzzle at the bottom right we have the queen of hearts from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.

queen of hearts_of_the_classic_disney_film_alice_in_wonderland
While Alice is dreaming under a tree in the park, White Rabbit hurries past. Alice takes it on and falls into a deep hole and ends up in a magical and special world called Wonderland. In this world she encounters very strange figures or persons, including Twiedeldie and Twiedeldom, the manic Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar and March Hare. During a tea-drinking party, Alice encounters the infamous Queen of Hearts with her enchanting deck of cards. The Queen of Hearts, who loves to chop everyone's head off. Alice is tempted into a game of croquet in which she and her patience are tested. However, croquet is played with hedgehogs as a ball and flamingos as a bat. Alice incurs the Queen's wrath and faces a lawsuit. Alice is assisted by the brothers Diedeldie and Diedeldom, but sentenced to death. The queen wants to behead her. Alice manages to escape and runs back to the door. The moment the Queen and her army of playing cards are with Alice, Alice is suddenly back next to her sister who tells her that she has been sleeping the whole time. So it seems that Alice has only dreamed everything. The Queen of Hearts was very difficult to put together in this puzzle because there are many red pieces that are all of the same color.

With this puzzle I started by sorting the pieces on the puzzle mat. Then I laid out the edge pieces of the puzzle in the middle. That will look like this:
After that I always make the edges of the puzzle. Some pieces of the border were easy to lay because of the colors, and some pieces more difficult. It usually takes me 30 minutes to lay the edges. With the result:
I made this puzzle at my leisure. And it took me several days to put this puzzle together. I always find it easy to make a puzzle on a puzzle mat so that you can easily roll it up again and remove it if necessary. I started by creating the Evil Queen in the middle of the puzzle with the Crown and the purple dress. This is the start then:

and this one:

My 13 year old daughter also helped occasionally and she started making rogue from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. That came quite easily and quickly to her. She is a good puzzler. I found this a really difficult puzzle with names for example the bright yellow pieces that are under Evil Queen from Snow White in the middle of the puzzle. In addition, you also see all kinds of the same kind of bushes that are also in the middle of the puzzle. It was almost impossible to put those bush pieces that all look very similar. And this is what I did at the very end.
With the intermediate standings when I'm pretty far advanced, the hardest parts still have to be done:
Puzzle-1000-pieces-Ravensburger-Disney-Wicked-Women-Witches-Puzzle-on-puzzle-mat-a little-more-advanced-3
You can no longer place on color but you go and look at the shape of the puzzle pieces and so I could still put them in the puzzle but this took a lot of time and was very difficult to do. Luckily I got some help from my daughter at the time. All in all I found it a nice puzzle at times quite difficult but it is still doable.
And the end result, always proud of a fully completed puzzle:

Another general review of what's also hard to explain:

How big is the puzzle Ravensburger Disney Puzzle 'Wicked Woman' or 'Crazy or Angry Women or Witches' 1000 pieces?

The dimensions of this puzzle are 70 cm wide and 50 cm high. I made this puzzle on a puzzle mat.

How long does it take to complete the puzzle Ravensburger Disney Puzzle 'Wicked Woman' or 'Crazy or Angry Women or Witches' 1000 pieces?

I made this Disney puzzle of Ravensburg at my leisure. I made it all by myself. But sometimes my 13-year-old daughter came a few more times to help make the puzzle. I started by explaining the pieces on the puzzle mat. I've done about 8:30 here. Then I started laying the edges of the puzzle. That wasn't that complicated. The edges that were pretty easy to lay. In total it took me 8 hours to complete the rest of the puzzle. If you then add the time for laying out and laying the edges, I spent a total of 9 hours on the entire puzzle.

About Ravensburger Puzzles

Ravensburger is originally a German company, founded in 1883. In the Netherlands the first game was released about a world famous book, namely 'Reis om de wereld'. In 1912 the company had grown to such an extent that it sold many games (board games) in Europe. After 1945, the company opted for a specialization, namely the market for board games for children and books. The company experienced strong growth in the 60s. And because of this, Ravensburger also opened factories in the Netherlands, England and France in 1964. After 1964 the company was split up. One part focused on publishing books. The other part focused on making board games. Almost everyone knows the game 'Memory', which is marketed by Ravensburger. Children always win this game from their parents because their short term memory is much better. Ravensburger has launched more than 900 games and is a major player worldwide. There is also a Ravensburger theme park in Germany.

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Ravensburger Disney 'Wicked Women' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 4005556192526
Puzzle number 19252
Kind of product Puzzle
Weight 1 kilo
Puzzle type Jigsaw puzzle
Material Board
Target audience Children and Adults
Age From 10 years old
Number of pieces 1000
Colors Multi / many

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Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Pretty okay

I am the writing of the above review. I know all the Disney movies from the past, but I didn't know exactly who all the characters on the puzzle were. My 13-year-old daughter knew that very well. And she told and explained it to me. Then the puzzle speaks again. Nice idea to put all angry women from very well-known Disney films on 1 puzzle. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

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