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I am Gerben van Wijngaarden, an avid puzzler in my spare time. Here I show all kinds of videos and photos of things that I like about puzzles or that stand out to me. The Jan van Haasteren puzzles in particular are one of my favorites. I describe what I experienced when I made a puzzle. I hope you will also upload or review the puzzles you have made. I find it a wonderful pastime after a busy day at work, to relax for a while. Sometimes it is a kind of ZEN practice. I source everything for this website myself, for the benefit of other puzzlers, for inspiration or just to help. I sometimes receive a small commission if a puzzle is purchased on another website via my website; This is the case with some providers. But I can tell you this website costs me much more in euros than it yields. But it gives me a return that I find much more important, namely the return in the pleasure of puzzling and making things yourself - such as instructions or YouTube videos.

Who is Jan van Haasteren?
Jan van Haasteren is the current illustrator of the Jan van Haasteren puzzles, which are published by Jumbo. Jan was born in Schiedam, on February 24, 1936. He is known for, among others, Baron van Tast and Tinus Trotyl. He is (with 3 other artists) part of the Jan van Haasteren studio.

In order to obtain even more information about Jan van Haasteren, who he was and what he did, I have included the following text in italics from Wikipedia copied:
Van Haasteren grew up in Schiedam where he learned to be a house painter at the Craft School. After this he went to the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, where he followed the Publicity & Advertising course on the advice of his father. After his education he worked as an assistant to Loek van Delden on the comic Smidje Verholen. From 1962 to 1966 he worked at the Toonder Studios, initially in the cartoon department. From 1963 he worked as a cartoonist mainly on the comics Kappie, Tom Poes and Hiawatha. In 1966 van Haasteren moved for a short time to the studios of Joop Geesink, where he worked on the series Rick de Kikker. After this he worked as a freelancer for, among others, Toonder. From then on, however, his own work was in the foreground. With screenwriter Patty Klein, with whom he would often collaborate, he made the strip Bartje en Opa. The collaboration was continued with, among others, Sjaak and Oom George for KRO Studio and Erik en Opa, a new version of Bartje and Opa that appeared in Jippo from 1975.

From 1972 he drew Baron van Tast for Pep, with screenplays by Renée van Utteren, Lo Hartog van Banda, Frits van der Heide and Patty Klein. The gag strip Voortvluchtig also appeared in Pep. In Donald Duck Ketelbinkie appeared, written by Wim Meuldijk, and Ome Arie. From 1974, after a script by Philip Sohier, he drew the strip Tinus Trotyl for Sjors, which was continued in Eppo from 1975, for which he also drew De Stuntels together with Toon van Driel. In Eppo To Be Continued he published the comic Brian and the brainbox, written by David Ireland. He also published many separate comics in De Vrije Balloen, using the pseudonyms Harold Hurry and Jean Pion, among others. He has drawn a large number of jigsaw puzzles for game manufacturer Jumbo.

jigsaw puzzles
In recent years, Van Haasteren, together with Rob Derks and Dick Heins, has mainly focused on the large Jumbo puzzle prints on which all kinds of things happen. A bit of a puzzler immediately looks for the shark fin, the artist's trademark.

In 2006 Jan van Haasteren was awarded the Bulletje en Boonestaak Scale by Het Stripschap. On April 26, 2013, he was made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Also many useful links on this website about Jan van Haasteren:

Below is a summary of all Biographical data of Jan van Haasteren

Item What
Name Jan van Haasteren
Profession cartoonist
Current place of residence Bergen
Lives in the province Noord-Holland
Lives in country The Netherlands
Date of Birth February 24 1936
Born in Schiedam
Has as Child - 1 (daughter) Saskia van Haasteren
Has as Child - 2 (daughter) Petra van Haasteren
Gender Male
Award Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau
Colleague at Studio van Haasteren Robert Derks
Colleague at Studio van Haasteren Dick Heins
family name from Haasteren
Is part of Jan van Haasteren studio
Makes puzzles for JUMBO

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