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Do you also like puzzles? Regularly make a puzzle or put a jigsaw puzzle on a very rainy day or on a beautiful sunny day ๐Ÿ™‚?

I am Gerben van Wijngaarden, in my spare time an avid puzzler. I show all kinds of videos and photos here of things that I like about puzzles or that stand out to me. The Jan van Haasteren puzzles in particular are one of my favorites. I describe what I experienced myself when I made a puzzle. I hope you will also upload or review the puzzles you have made. I find it a wonderful pastime after a busy day at work, to relax for a while. Sometimes it is a kind of ZEN practice.

I look up everything for this website myself, in favor of other puzzlers, for inspiration or just to help. I sometimes receive a small commission when a puzzle is purchased on another website through my website; this is the case with some providers. But I can tell you this website costs me a lot more in euros than it earns. But he gives me a yield that I find much more important, namely the yield in the pleasure of puzzling and making things yourself โ€“ such as instructions or Youtube videos.

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