Puzzle frame 50×70 HEMA Black Wood

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Puzzle frame 50x70 HEMA Black Wood - Unpacking

What exactly do you get when you order this HEMA puzzle list? It is for a puzzle of 50×70 centimeters. The frame is also 50×70 centimeters, and that fits perfectly. I made an unpacking video of the HEMA puzzle list. Watch the video:

What does the front of the HEMA puzzle frame 50x70 look like?

The front looks like this:
As you can see I liked the color black as a frame, and the material is made of wood. It's not the prettiest puzzle frame, but I thought it was really okay for my photo puzzle I had made. Also because it was not expensive, namely 15 euros (November 2020).
You will see a sticker on the front with the text 'Please remove the film before using'. I wasn't quite sure what they meant by that, but after opening the puzzle list I understood. By 'the film' they mean a very thin plastic film, which is still over the plastic transparent plate. You hardly see it, but if you don't remove it, the 'glass' remains relatively matte. So make sure you delete it! (otherwise check this video where you can see how I remove this foil/film)

What does the back of the HEMA puzzle frame 50x70 look like?

The back of the puzzle frame makes it possible to hang your puzzle either standing or lying down. That is of course very useful. Depending on whether you have a vertical or horizontal puzzle, you can use this puzzle list for both. Please note that if you have got your puzzle in your puzzle list with great difficulty, you have paid attention to where the pendants are on the back of the puzzle list. Otherwise you will have to do the whole process all over again. This is the back of the puzzle list:

As you can see in the picture above, you have to fix the hard cardboard back of the puzzle frame by bending iron pins. Advantage: that works very handy and quickly, because you have bent those iron pins in no time (you must have some nails!). Disadvantage: if you want to place your puzzle including the hard cardboard back in the puzzle list, you may also bend certain iron pins inwards, which happened to me here in the video:

What is the material and quality of the glass plate of the HEMA puzzle frame 50x70?

The material of the glass plate is plastic; it is a hard plastic plate. So don't expect the quality of a glass plate. Then you will definitely pay more. But I think the quality is fine, it doesn't break too easily. But of course I like a glass plate better, but know that I bought this puzzle list for 15 euros (November 2020). You notice that the hard plastic plate bends when you grab it. When you look through it, it seems to have a slight mist over its view. But that really isn't the case when you've got your puzzle behind it. Then the plastic / plastic plate is really perfectly transparent.

What are the actual dimensions of the HEMA puzzle frame 50x70?

The actual dimensions of the HEMA puzzle list are 53 centimeters high x 73 centimeters wide. That includes the border. The brim is 2 inches wide throughout. So what you're left with on both sides if you don't include the edges:
– width: 73 centimeters – 2 centimeters – 2 centimeters = 69 centimeters
– height: 53 centimeters – 2 centimeters – 2 centimeters = 49 centimeters
So if you have a puzzle of 70 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high, you will see that 1 centimeter is missing on all sides of your puzzle. Keep that in mind. Again the dimensions of the puzzle list and the width of the borders:

Is there a passe-partout with the HEMA puzzle frame 50x70?

Perhaps not known to everyone, a passe-partout is a border. Measure made of paper, which is in the puzzle frame and which can be placed around or over the puzzle. Or if the puzzle is too small for the puzzle list, you can use the passe-partout as a 'white background', for example. In the latter case, you will not see the hard brown cardboard back of the HEMA puzzle list, for example. The black and white checkered thicker paper that comes with it does not serve as a passe=partout.
No, there is no passe-partout with the HEMA puzzle list. So there is a white-black checkered thicker sheet of paper, but you have to remove this when you place your puzzle. This one is just an example.

This Wooden puzzle frame 50x70 is available in 3 colors

These 3 puzzle frames from Hema are available in 3 colours, namely: Black – White and natural:

About this provider

Dimensions puzzle frame 53 x 73 centimeters
Thickness list 1,5 centimeter
Suitable for puzzles 50 x 70 centimeters
Color Black
Material Wood
Brand HEMA
Form Rectangle
EAN 13621043
Width photo frame 53 or 73 centimeters
Height photo frame 73 or 53 centimeters
Material of the plate / glass Plastic Clear Sheet
Standing or lying? Can do both
Including passe-partout No

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
Hema.nl 17,00 (July 2021) Buy now


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Post a review

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 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Excellent value for money!

I wrote the above review in November 2020. I bought the HEMA photo frame in the store. For 15 euros. Not expensive, but what you don't get is a glass plate and very hard frame edges. But that's not necessary for me either. Quality is the quality we are used to from HEMA. Simple and cheap. I found the small drawback to the iron pins at the back to attach the frame, which sometimes bend undesirable. However: excellent 4 star score. And my puzzle hangs nicely on the wall!

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