3-in-1 puzzle by Jan van Haasteren or Jan van Haasteren 3 x 1000

A 3-in-1 puzzle means that there are 3 puzzles in 1 box. On this site you will find all 3 x 1000 puzzles by Jan van Haasteren, below in an overview. It is certainly not the case that these puzzles have the same subject, that can be quite different. It is also not the case that the Jan van Haasteren puzzles 3 in 1 all contain the same number of pieces. So it is best to have a 3-in-1 puzzle box containing 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces, 1 puzzle of 750 pieces and 1 puzzle of 500 pieces. As an example of a 3-in-1 puzzle box, this one:
I made these 3 puzzles and in this box were the puzzles of 1000 pieces:

3-in-1 puzzles pros and cons?

In my opinion there are some pros and cons.
- Benefit: if you buy this puzzle of 3 in 1, you only have € 7,25 in shipping costs, because it is a relatively small package. A bit heavier, but nothing more. That is cheaper than buying a puzzle of 3 pieces separately, then you will lose 1000 x € 3 in shipping costs. unless you buy these 7,25 puzzles at the same time from the same person of course, then it doesn't matter.
- Benefit: once in a while, look at the list below, there are 3 puzzles with the same theme, that is extra fun, if you like football puzzles for example. Or like a sports puzzle. But most of the list below are 3 in 1 puzzles that have nothing to do with each other in terms of theme.
– Disadvantage: if you only want a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, that doesn't always make sense with a 3-in-1 box. There may also be puzzles with 500 or 750 pieces in between. I think that's a big drawback myself.
– Disadvantage: it can (if you want to) be more difficult to resell your puzzle. Someone must happen to have not yet completed all three puzzles. If someone has already made 1 of them, that sale will be dropped. So your resale market is shrinking.

Overview of all 3-in-1 puzzles by Jan van Haasteren

The list below shows the 3-in-1 puzzles, often containing a 1000 piece puzzle. They are at least 3 puzzles of 1000 pieces in 1 box. On the front of the box you can see which three puzzles are in it. The numbers of pieces in this 3-in-1 box vary from combinations of 500 and 750 and 1000 pieces. But a combination of 3×1000 pieces in 1 box is also possible.

NumberName DutchName EnglishYeardraftsman
00368500-750-1000 Music Pavilion | Pool fun | Cars in the making (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Tire stand | Fun around the Pool | Cars in the make (Intertoys edition)2000Jan van Haasteren
01483500-750-1000 Goal | Football Championships | Football500-750-1000 Goal | Championship Football | soccer 2006Jan van Haasteren
01490500-750-1000 Sports Day | tennis | Olympics500-750-1000 Sports Day | tennis | Olympics1999Jan van Haasteren
190003 x 1000 Ecomare | Get well soon | Hotel (Jubilee Box 30 years)3 x 1000 All at Sea | Get Well Soon | Hotel (Anniversary Box 30 years)2014Jan van Haasteren
19004500-750-1000 Football Madness | Football Championships | Football500-750-1000 Football Crazy! | Football Championship | soccer2014Jan van Haasteren
19005500-750-1000 Football Madness | Football Championships | Football (Belgium)500-750-1000 Fou De Football | Coup de Tete | Un Match de Football (Belgium)2014Jan van Haasteren
19006500-750-1000 Soccer Championships | Football | Football Madness (Germany)500-750-1000 FussballMeisterschaft | The Fussball Game | FussBallFieber (Germany)2014Jan van Haasteren
19007500-750-1000 Soccer Madness | Football Championships | Football (England)500-750-1000 Soccer Madness | Football Championships | Football (England)2014Jan van Haasteren
19008500-750-1000 Football Madness | Football Championships | Football (International)500-750-1000 Football Crazy! | Football Championship | Soccer (International)2014Jan van Haasteren
19019Tour de France (triptych panorama)Tour de France (triptych panorama)2015Jan van Haasteren
80102500-750-1000 Airport | Leakage | Sports Day (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Busy airport | Big Leak | Sports Day (Intertoys edition)2001Jan van Haasteren
80105500-750-1000 The Plasboom | Crazy Casino | The Fire Brigade (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 The Pee Tree | Crazy Casino | Fire Station (Intertoys release)2002Jan van Haasteren
80110500-750-1000 On the assembly line | United Europe | Some like it Hot (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Assembly line | United Europe | Some like it Hot (Intertoys edition)2003Jan van Haasteren
80189500-750-1000 Post Office | Winter sports | Tennis (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Parcel service | Break a Leg | Tennis (Intertoys edition)2004Jan van Haasteren
80197500-750-1000 Flea Market | At the Dentist | Golf (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Flea Market | At the Dentist | Golf (Intertoys edition)2005Jan van Haasteren
80861500-750-1000 Moving fever | Crazy Casino | Hockey (Intertoys edition)500-750-1000 Moving Day | Crazy Casino | Hockey (Intertoys edition)2006Jan van Haasteren
809623 x 1000 Ice Hockey | Car paint shop | Camping Chaos (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Ice Hockey | Car Respraying Shop | Camping Chaos (Intertoys edition)2007Jan van Haasteren
810023 x 1000 USA | New York Marathon | Snow Fun (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 USA | New York Marathon | Streetlife (Intertoys edition)2008Jan van Haasteren
810413 x 1000 Ice Hockey | The Neighbors | On Land, At Sea and in the Air (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Ice Hockey | Neighbors | By Air, Land and Sea (Intertoys edition)2009Jan van Haasteren
810583 x 1000 Boxing Match | Shop till you Drop | Hotel (Japanese version) (Intertoys release)3 x 1000 Boxing Match | Shop till you Drop | Hotel (Japanese version) (Intertoys release)2010Jan van Haasteren
811203 x 1000 In the Fitness Center | The Leakage | Grand Cafe (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 At the Gym | The Big Leak | Grand Cafe (Intertoys edition)2011Jan van Haasteren
811653 x 1000 The Airport (=Airshow) | Winter sports | The Post Office (Intertoys edition) 3 x 1000 Busy Airport (=Airshow) | Break a Leg | International Parcels (Intertoys edition)2012Jan van Haasteren
811683 x 500 At the Dentist | Camping Chaos | Moving fever! (published by Bart Smit)3 x 500 At the Dentist | Camping Chaos | Moving Day! (published by Bart Smit)2012Jan van Haasteren
812003 x 1000 Friday the 13th | Carnival | Swimming pool fun (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Friday the 13th | Carnival | Fun around the Pool (Intertoys edition)2013Jan van Haasteren
812583 x 1000 The Park | Crazy Casino | Billiards (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 The Park | Crazy Casino | Shooting Pool (Intertoys edition)2014Jan van Haasteren
813853 x 1000 Olympics | NY Marathon | United Europe (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Olympics | NY Marathon | United Europe (Intertoys edition)2015Jan van Haasteren
815073 x 1000 Chinese New Year | Printing (=Jumbo 150 Years) | Seaport (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Chinese New Years | Painting House (=Jumbo 150 Years) | Seaport (Intertoys edition)2016Dick Heins / Jan van Haasteren / Dick Heins
815663 x 1000 Ascot Horse Race | The Music Pavilion | The March (Intertoys edition)3 x 1000 Ascot Horse Race | The Bandstand | The March (Intertoys edition)2017Jan van Haasteren
3576-1Carnival (+ 2 from other artist) - ToonsCarnival (+ 2 from other artist) - ToonsUnfamiliarJan van Haasteren