Jan van Haasteren 'Sinterklaas arrival' 1000 pieces

Jan van Haasteren

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Jan van Haasteren Puzzle 'Sinterklaas Entry'

If you are looking for the Jan van Haasteren Puzzle of 1000 pieces called 'Sinterklaas Arrival', then it is the puzzle below. It is the puzzle 'Sinterklaas Entry' (Sint Nicolas Parade) – this is number 19055, from the year 2017. And that is this puzzle:
and this is the box:
Jan_van_rushing_Sinterklaas entry_puzzle_1000_pieces_box

General review about the 'Sinterklaas Arrival' puzzle

I made a general review about this jigsaw puzzle, in which you see some nice elements of this puzzle:

Laying this puzzle

I bought or traded this puzzle via either marketplace or Facebook Marketplace, I don't remember; I still had a whole pile of 'to do' puzzles from Jan van Haasteren. I made the puzzle on a Okelo Puzzle folder for up to 1500 pieces of 90 centimeters wide and 64 centimeters high. This is ideal, because because I chose a larger puzzle folder (up to a maximum of 1500 pieces), I could place (and therefore store) all the pieces in this puzzle folder. So if you explain all the pieces it looks like this:
puzzle pieces_explained_on_the_okeelo_puzzlemap_to_maximum_1500_pieces-600-444
Do you want to know more about this Okelo puzzle folder up to 1500 pieces, read my page about this.

I always start by laying the edges of the puzzle, and I usually don't manage to sort all the edge pieces, but this time I did! Laying the edge above was especially difficult, because this was a lot of gray sky:
Jan_van_rushing_sinterklaas arrival_puzzle_1000_pieces_edges_finished

After that I started looking for pieces with the same color, and since many people are standing up here (who come to the Sinterklaas entry), I started with the pieces of Sinterklaas' boat. Black and orange are the colors. I only did the people recently. Here's my result after about 1,5 hours of puzzling:

Then I started with the houses and towards the end also with the people who come to the Sinterklaas entry. Have to say that this was not that bad, I also spent relatively shorter time on this puzzle than on many other Jan van Haasteren puzzles. Below the result after about 3 hours and 15 minutes of puzzling:

And last but not least, the sky and the water and the dark steam from Sinterklaas' steamboat. Those parts were really difficult and cost me a relatively long time:
And the puzzle is finished, after more than 5 hours. This puzzle was done really quickly, but very fun to make. You can enjoy puzzling and there are many recurring elements in this puzzle, which I already recognized while laying it:

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books by Jan van Haasteren. These are not only fun search books to search for recurring elements, you can also ideally use the image of this puzzle as an 'extra' large poster while puzzling! View the overview with our 'Jan van Haasteren search books'

Jan van Haasteren 'Sinterklaas arrival' 1000 pieces - Recurring elements

The nice thing about this puzzle is that after puzzling there is still a kind of search puzzle. You are looking for the fixed recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren. Can you find them all, or are they just not there?? The crab, the teeth, the shark fin, the Tax Official, the arrows, the hands, the eyes, etc etc. There are many in this puzzle, and I have made videos and photos of them below. Try looking for them yourself before viewing them below.

This puzzle was made during an NK puzzle!

This puzzle was first revealed during an NK puzzle and also made during the final of this NK for the first time. Do you want to read all about this? Then view the page 'Puzzles revealed and made during the Dutch National Championships puzzles'.

This puzzle was once made during the Dutch National Championships Puzzle

Nice to know, this puzzle was used during the NK Puzzle. During the preliminary round in Eefde on 3-11-2018, a team consists of 4 people. With 4 people they have put this puzzle in a time of 01:08:35. So if you think you can participate in the Dutch National Championships? Then multiply this time x4 and you have an indication whether you are a fast puzzler. By the way: puzzle the NK is especially fun and fun to participate in!

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 1:1 Milk

The piece of paper with '1 Milk' on it is not very common, but nice if you do find it:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 2: Three peepholes or bullet holes

The 3 peepholes or bullet holes are hard to find, but they are there:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 3: Baron van Tast tot Zeveren

Baron van Tast tot Zeveren is one of the nicest recurring elements in my opinion and he has positioned himself very unobtrusively between the audience this time:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 4: Call 3x

The bell with a paper with 3 bells underneath it also occurs sometimes, not very often:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 5: Fat woman

The fat woman, together with the small, just dressed man, are also present (mother-in-law and father-in-law). Note the fun element of the musical note as fart that father-in-law farts:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 6: Shark fin

Yes, Jan van Haasteren's trademark is the shark's fin, and it looks like it goes ashore from the sea, straight through the harbor:

jan-van-haasteren-sinterklaas-entry-puzzle-1000-pieces-recurring-element-shark fin

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 7: Hands

I haven't looked for all the hands, but you see them appearing in the most weird and special places:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 8: Indian, 2x

The Indian is very nice this time, because there is also a small Indian:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 9: Squid

You can see squid all the way up on the roof and he looks at the whole scene from above:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 10: Jane stickers 4x

I always look for the yellow Jane stickers or 'I love Jane' and this time I was able to find 4 of them:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 11: Krab

Krab sometimes wants to be naughty and it looks like he wants to grab the man with his scissors:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 12: Eyes

Just like the hands, eyes appear in all kinds of places, I didn't look for all of these either:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 13: Paper airplane

The paper airplane is very common, not always easy to find:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 14: Periscope

The periscope is present again this time in its familiar blue color – sometimes it is also red:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 15: The Arrow

There is only 1 arrow present:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 16: Plasters, 4x

The recurring element plasters is one of my favorites and I always look for all of these, have found 4 of them:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 17: Cat or cat

The cat often wants to catch a bird, mouse or fish, but this time he looks very cozy with a mouse next to her over the edge of the boat:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 18: Police and Boef

The police and the crook are always a nice couple together, the police rarely manage to catch the crook. And this time? The crook runs off with a bag of gingerbread cookies!! And the tax inspector also runs after the police:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 19: Red white striped cat

The red and white tabby is also present:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 20: The Fart, 2x

The fart you see twice, often a tricky recurring element:



Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 21: Cigar, 2x

The cigar is often seen more than once and this time I was able to find it twice:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 22: Sinterklaas, 2x

Sinterklaas is present twice in this puzzle? The Sinterklaas with his assistants on the boat don't all look like the 'real' ones; on top of the roof of a house, the real Sinterklaas is watching:



Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 23: Ghost

Ghost often looks a bit scared and that is also the case this time, he sees the whole circus from above:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 24: Super snail

You always see Supersnail running fast and usually he is with his friend turtle. Super snail also runs and flees fast from the approaching Sinterklaas ship:

jan-van-haasteren-sinterklaas-entry-puzzle-1000-pieces-recurring-element-super snail

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 25: Toothbrush and Dentures

Toothbrush and dentures are nicely hidden:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 26: Tax Official or Tax inspector

The tax inspector seems to be running after the police, does he want to get hold of the crook's loot or something?:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 27: WC

The sign with toilet on it, or a pull-through string with toilet on it is also there:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 28: Self-portrait Jan van Haasteren

The self-portrait of Jan van Haasteren, recognizable by his own portrait on the box, occurs regularly and is usually making a drawing:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Sinterklaas arrival' - recurring element 29: Dalmatian Dog

The black and white spotted dog or Dalmatian dog is also there:

How big is the puzzle Jan van Haasteren 'Sinterklaas arrival' 1000 pieces?

This puzzle also has dimensions of 68 (width) by 49 (height). I made the puzzle on a Okelo Puzzle folder for up to 1500 pieces of 90 centimeters wide and 64 centimeters high.

How long will it take you to complete this 1000 piece puzzle?

I made this puzzle at my leisure and I made it on a puzzle mat. Summarized:
Explaining the whole puzzle and laying the edges:
40 minutes.
Laying out the rest of the puzzle:
4,5 Hours
Total time spent on this puzzle:
About over 5 hours.
This is a lot faster than the average time I spend on a 1000 piece Jan van Haasteren puzzle, normally about 8 hours. Easy puzzle to make, but a very fun one.

About Jumbo puzzles

Jumbo (not to be confused with our supermarket Jumbo!) makes toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo, for example, has made the very well-known games such as “Human don't get annoyed” and “Stratego” and “PimPamPet”. Games that have been around for generations and are still widely played by both young and old. Jumbo has been making and developing toys since about 1900. In the early years of the company, only toys from other countries were imported to the Netherlands. However, since about 1930 it was decided to also make their own toys, at the time manufacturing wooden toys, which was very popular at the time. Almost all toys in those years were made of wood. An important spearhead was that the toys made by Jumbo had to be of very good quality; it had to be as strong as an Elephant. An elephant had to stand on it! The red elephant has been the hallmark of Jumbo's games and puzzles for years. The name Jumbo and the red elephant together form the logo from about 1935. The Jumbo elephant is drawn by Mr. Möhr. He worked at an advertising agency and regularly signed for Hausemann & Hötte. Mr Möhr was at one point commissioned to design a beautiful new elephant logo for the Hausemann & Hötte toys. The logo has changed a bit since then. For example, the eye has grown over the years and has dropped slightly more, resulting in a friendlier elephant.

In the past, the elephant was not only used in the color red, but in all kinds of colors such as blue, yellow, black, white and green. All those colors were cozy and playful. For example, one time there was a yellow elephant on the box and the other time a red one. It was usually looked at which color best matched the color of the box. It was not until the end of the 60s that the red elephant was definitively chosen. Red is a color that stands out and attracts attention.

From 1945 Jumbo also started to focus on games made of cardboard. Jumbo has therefore been a guarantee for strong quality for years! Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history, with its head office in Zaandam. About 130 employees work for Jumbo. With a turnover of €75 million, Jumbo is a medium-sized European player in toys. Jumbo has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. They export to more than 25 countries around the world.

In 1980 Jumbo starts the production of Jan van Haasteren Puzzles.

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Jan van Haasteren 'Sinterklaas arrival' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710126190555
Puzzle number 19055
Kind of product puzzle

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Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 1 reviews
through Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Seems boring, is fun!

I wrote the above review and made this puzzle in July 2021. At first I thought this would be a pretty boring Jan van Haasteren puzzle, but it is actually very nice. Definitely a nice gift for the holidays to give, for example during Sinterklaas :-) Many recurring elements can be found. And your puzzle is nice, not very difficult

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