Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas' or 'Christmas' 1000 pieces

Jan van Haasteren

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Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas'

If you are looking for the 1000 piece Jan van Haasteren Puzzle called 'Christmas' or 'Christmas', it is this one:
I made the above puzzle and it has number 13007. This puzzle was published in 2009 and the artist is Jan van Haasteren.
This puzzle 'Christmas' is also available in another variant:

  • Christmas, 500XL pieces, Jumbo no. 20020, year 2020, artist Jan van Haasteren

This 1000 piece puzzle has a size 68 (width) x 49 (height). I made this puzzle on a puzzle mat that is 1 meter 60 wide and 90 CM high.

What do you encounter when you have made this Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzle?

First off, I made a general 'review' with all sorts of fun things that caught my eye, check them out in the following video:

The puzzle 'Christmas' is a lot of fun to make. With many typical items that you can expect during Christmas. The setting is a busy Christmas Eve probably in a fairly large city. I suspect a lot of people still have to do their Christmas shopping. Because it's chaos during Christmas in this puzzle. A typical Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzle. There is also a lot to see and discover in this puzzle. The longer you look, the more you see. I noticed the following nice things. I'll start with the best 🙂

1. How many mice can you count on this 'Christmas' puzzle?
That's quite a quest! I had first found 3, until my children saw 2 more. So there are 5 in total! You can see them in the following video, where they are hidden:

However, after some research on the puzzle, I later found a mouse number 6!! You can see where it is in the following video:

In the photo mouse 6:

2. The signature + year of Jan van Haasteren
At the bottom right you see the signature of Jan van Haasteren on a kind of meter box, and the year in which the puzzles were made, namely 2009. The paper is pinned by means of an arrow on that meter box.


3. A present for 'Ms. snow'
There is a present in the snow for 'Ms. Snow', at the bottom right of the puzzle. Difficult to read on the box, but on the puzzle I could read it well.


4. The menu on the oliebollen stall.
A nice element is the menu on the oliebollen stall. The question is why it hangs there and what is the use of it. I can't read what's on the menu, that's a pity. I don't think you can order and pick up all kinds of menus with oliebollen in the stall 🙂?

Puzzle-1000-pieces-Jan-van-Haasteren-Christmas-menu-card-oliebollen stall

5. A knife right through the house!
A beautiful element on the puzzle is the knife that goes right through the house, of course it is not possible, but you can still see it.


6. Lady reading a book is threatened with a knife
An elderly lady who is reading the book 'Horror' is threatened with a knife by a rising hand next to her chair. Well, of course that can happen when you read a horror book.


Also about the Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas' puzzle 1000 pieces

I put this puzzle all alone. Made it on a puzzle mat, so I could easily move it in between. In this case I indeed had to move it several times instead of rolling it up. Always handy such a puzzle mat! I made it over several days, I almost never get around to putting a puzzle in its entirety in one go, especially not when I look at the time I'm working on it. I also always puzzle at ease; it's not a race against time.
It took me a total of 8 hours and 30 minutes. I spent a relatively long time explaining the puzzle and laying the edges. This time it took 1 hour and 10 minutes. The remaining time to complete the entire puzzle took another 7 hours and 20 minutes. So in the end it comes to 8,5 hours.

I had bought this puzzle second hand and the seller guaranteed me that the puzzle was complete. We have to assume that (bought by the way for 10 euros – normal price for a second-hand puzzle). I started by explaining all the pieces out of the box. Immediately I sort out the straight pieces for the edges. This is then the result:
Then I started laying the edges, and what was the result? I missed 1 piece at the edges (bottom left), grrrr.
The question then is: is a piece missing, or have I not sorted it out correctly? And: am I going to look for the piece first (but maybe he is missing), or will I come across that piece automatically when I continue puzzling. I chose to look for the puzzle piece anyway, and in the end I had found it, so that the edges were complete. Puzzles so nicely with a complete edge 🙂 . Then I started to match the pieces with colors. The helicopter, the police cars, the houses at the top of the puzzle and the windows of the other houses. That worked well, put the easy pieces first. By the way, I have to say that the buildings at the top of the puzzle with all the gray windows were the hardest. But: nice challenge! The beginning of sorting by color:
Finally the result after 1 hour of puzzling – it doesn't seem very far, but the oliebollen stall is partly done, and some buildings, the helicopter and more pieces have been found:
puzzle-1000-pieces-jan-van-huren-christmas-after-1-o'clock-state of affairs
Then also put the sleigh, the red car, and some people doing Christmas shopping at the bottom of the puzzle, and the helicopter further down:
About 70% off the puzzle, the police cars, the houses left and right quite far and a lot of the people walking in the snow:
And almost finished, as you can see I had a lot of trouble with the houses and the windows at the top of the puzzle. And a number of fairly white pieces, which were difficult to lay:
And the end result was a very fun puzzle to put together. Take a look at what I was able to discover in the puzzle:

A Christmas Puzzle

This puzzle is great fun to make or to give as a gift during the Christmas season. There is a special overview with all christmas puzzles. A a special category 'Jan van Haasteren Christmas puzzles'

Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas' 1000 pieces - Recurring elements

There are many in this puzzle recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren. I once tried to put them all on video and photo, and the list can be found below. As you can see, there are a lot of them. That is why (in addition to the other fun elements), I have also given this puzzle a generous 5 stars score.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 1: 'The Teeth'

The teeth are often very difficult to find, because they are very small. You will always find a toothbrush and toothpaste close to the teeth. I was able to find it:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 2: 'The Cigar'

At first I couldn't find the cigar at all and thought it wouldn't be on this puzzle either, but in the end it was, well, half there, partly hidden in the snow, at the very bottom of the puzzle edge:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Cigar'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 3: 'The Glasses'

The glasses are also often difficult to find (take the glasses that are 'loose', not the glasses that people wear on their heads), because they are also small. I thought there would be 1 pair of glasses at first, but there are two pairs of glasses on the puzzle. One of which is very difficult to find. You can see them in the video and the trickiest also in the photo:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'De Bril (2x)'
EDIT: while capturing Sinterklaas I encountered 3 glasses, because they fall off Santa Claus, so if we count them (?) there are three:
Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'Sinterklaas'
EDIT-2: So you see, found another pair of glasses when I was looking at the puzzle with my 9 year old daughter. If we may count this one, it 'flies' off someone's head, namely from Santa Claus. So we have 4 glasses (!):

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 4: 'The Periscope'

The persicoop almost always comes back to the JvH puzzles, again, see:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Periscoop'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 5: 'The Shark's fin'

Of course, the Shark Fin, which is always present and the hallmark of JvH puzzles. He zooms nicely among the reindeer:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Sharkfin'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 6: 'The Indian'

The Indian also comes back quite often, he is a bit hidden among the other Christmas buyers:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Indian'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 7: 'Sinterklaas'

Sure, Sinterklaas is indispensable, but will he compete with Santa Claus in this puzzle? Who is Santa Claus and who is Sinterklaas? Sinterklaas is not really visible, but he must – given his staff – save Santa Claus from the roof:
Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'Sinterklaas'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 8: 'The Hands'

There are a lot of hands in this puzzle, I didn't look them all up, a few nice ones in the video, and a nice one in the photo (I really liked the hand at the roof of the oliebollen stall):

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Hands'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 9: 'The Arrows'

The arrows are also a frequently recurring element in JvH jigsaw puzzles. In this puzzle I was able to get 2 inside. You can see where they are below:

In the photo, arrow 1:

In the photo, arrow 2:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 10: 'Super Snail'

Super Snail also almost always has a permanent place within a puzzle. Most of the time, Super Snail really seems to be in a hurry or on the run or chasing something. In this puzzle, Super Snail is chasing the dark boy? Or is there something else?


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 11: 'The Plasters'

Plasters are certainly a regular recurring element. However, also often difficult to find, because they are very small. The question is also: how many plasters can you find in a puzzle? In this puzzle I only found 1 :


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 12: 'The Eyes'

The eyes that are very common in every puzzle. In this puzzle there are many, I did not count them all or look them up. Find them all yourself! I found this one for you, by Santa's sleigh:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 13: 'The Saw'

The Saw that always saws something in half, also comes back very often, quite easy to find. But why is the saw there?

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Saw'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 14: 'The Snake'

You can also see the snake in this puzzle, a bit submerged in the snow, but it is there!

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - Slang

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 15: 'The Crab'

The crab, no puzzle by Jan van Haasteren without the crab! The crab that crawls around in the snow, and has obtained a few oliebollen. That will taste good!

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - De Krab

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 16: 'The Ghosts'

Ghosts or Spookjes are also common on Jan van Haasteren's puzzles. I found 2 on this puzzle. They both look a little scared. 1 is in the helicopter, and the other is looking out the window, at all the Christmas crowds.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Ghosts'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 17: 'The Cats'

You often see 1 or more cats or cats on the puzzles. This time only 1, who tries to catch a bird on the roof of the oliebollen stall.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'The Cats'

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 18: 'Jan van Haasteren himself!'

Not always, but regularly Jan van Haasteren also draws himself on a puzzle, not always easy to find. I think I found him on this puzzle, wearing a hat, at Christmas. You always see Jan's picture on the puzzle box, so you know what he looks like.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas' - recurring element 'Jan van Haasteren himself'

How long does it take you to complete the 1000 piece Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'Christmas'?

I made this puzzle alone, and divided it over several days. I also made it on a puzzle mat. Always handy when it needs to be moved again. I always start by turning all the pieces over and then laying the edge. I have to say, explaining (turning) the pieces almost always takes me 30 minutes. However, I spent about 45 minutes laying the edge. That was a bit longer than average, it contained difficult elements, which do not lay very quickly. Then after the edge I will partially sort by color and then lay. It took me another 7 hours and 15 minutes to put the puzzle together. Which in total yields a time of 8,5 hours. Poof, that was a lot of work. I know some people can lay very fast, no idea how to do that or if you can learn it. Speed ​​is less important to me, I am mainly concerned with laying a fun puzzle. But then you know how long it took me!

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books by Jan van Haasteren. These are not only fun search books to search for recurring elements, you can also ideally use the image of this puzzle as an 'extra' large poster while puzzling! View the overview with our 'Jan van Haasteren search books'

About Jumbo puzzles

Jumbo (not to be confused with our supermarket Jumbo!) makes toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo, for example, has made the very well-known games such as “Human don't get annoyed” and “Stratego” and “PimPamPet”. Games that have been around for generations and are still widely played by both young and old. Jumbo has been making and developing toys since about 1900. In the early years of the company, only toys from other countries were imported to the Netherlands. However, since about 1930 it was decided to also make their own toys, at the time manufacturing wooden toys, which was very popular at the time. Almost all toys in those years were made of wood. An important spearhead was that the toys made by Jumbo had to be of very good quality; it had to be as strong as an Elephant. An elephant had to stand on it! The red elephant has been the hallmark of Jumbo's games and puzzles for years. The name Jumbo and the red elephant together form the logo from about 1935. The Jumbo elephant is drawn by Mr. Möhr. He worked at an advertising agency and regularly signed for Hausemann & Hötte. Mr Möhr was at one point commissioned to design a beautiful new elephant logo for the Hausemann & Hötte toys. The logo has changed a bit since then. For example, the eye has grown over the years and has dropped slightly more, resulting in a friendlier elephant.

In the past, the elephant was not only used in the color red, but in all kinds of colors such as blue, yellow, black, white and green. All those colors were cozy and playful. For example, one time there was a yellow elephant on the box and the other time a red one. It was usually looked at which color best matched the color of the box. It was not until the end of the 60s that the red elephant was definitively chosen. Red is a color that stands out and attracts attention.

From 1945 Jumbo also started to focus on games made of cardboard. Jumbo has therefore been a guarantee for strong quality for years! Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history, with its head office in Zaandam. About 130 employees work for Jumbo. With a turnover of €75 million, Jumbo is a medium-sized European player in toys. Jumbo has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. They export to more than 25 countries around the world.

In 1980 Jumbo starts the production of Jan van Haasteren Puzzles.

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Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas' or 'Christmas' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710126130070
Puzzle number 13007
Kind of product puzzle
Puzzle theme Cartoon
Number of pieces 1000
Quality mark CE
Target audience Children and adults
Puzzle type Jigsaw puzzle
Brand Jumbo
Color Multiple
Material Board
Age From 10 years old
Weight 600 gram

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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces

I wrote the above review. I really liked this puzzle, because you are not only surprised during the puzzle (what do I see there?), but also after puzzling you will find a lot of items that you have not seen. It's a real search puzzle. And sometimes you have to laugh at what Jan van Haasteren has drawn. A 5+ I would say

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