Jan van Haasteren Christmas puzzles

Jan van Haasteren has made several puzzles about Christmas. Many people like to puzzle with the seasons or the events or parties that are there: when it's Christmas it's also fun to make a Christmas puzzle. JvH has made several puzzles with the element of Christmas or about Christmas. He has made puzzles about the 'Christmas trees market','The Christmas dinner','Christmas sales' and 'Christmas (Christmas)','Christmas Eve' and 'Snow Fun (Streetlife)' and 'Santa's Factory' and 'Santa's Village'. These are the following puzzles:

500 pieces, Christmas XL, number 20020, year 2020, artist Jan van Haasteren.

This is a puzzle with extra large pieces. What you see on this puzzle is a scene in a city during Christmas. You see a sleigh with reindeer through the city, and a Santa Claus is almost thrown from the sleigh. You see a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping; buy presents for Christmas. You see people walking around with Christmas trees, Christmas trees on a car, Christmas trees being sold. A great puzzle to get into the Christmas spirit! NB: this puzzle is the same as the puzzle 'Christmas', of which you see the image below, only in 500 pieces XL.

750 pieces, Christmas XL, number 2986-36, artist Jan van Haasteren, edition Ceaco, Holiday Laughs.

This is the exact same image/puzzle as the Christmas 500 XL puzzle from above, just different publisher.

1000 pieces, Christmas (Christmas), number 13007, year 2009, draftsman Jan van Haasteren.

And a general review about this 'Christmas' or 'Christmas' puzzle:

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1000 pieces, Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve), number 19030, year 2016, artist Jan van Haasteren.

This puzzle depicts a scene of a Christmas Eve at people's homes. You see a lot of snow on the roofs of the houses. A Santa and a reindeer fall down from a roof and Santa hangs from the gutter. There is a lot of Christmas lights hanging on the fences and the houses of the people. All in all it looks very cosy. You also see in a garden that people are going to have a Christmas dinner outside, probably with family and friends. Seems a bit cold to me by the way 🙂 You also see an ice rink in a garden, a man is running with a Christmas tree.
A general review about the puzzle 'Christmas Eve':

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2-in-1 (Christmas Dinner and Christmas Tree Market), 2×1000 pieces, number 19061, year 2017, artist Dick Heins.

At the 'Christmas tree market' you will of course see many Christmas trees. Everyone is buying one. You will also see some tents where people can buy some food and drink, certainly also mulled wine. A snowman is reading on top of such a tent! Lots of snow and some people are skating. People are well dressed warmly because it looks quite cold.
And a general review of the puzzle 'Christmas Tree Market':

The second puzzle in this box: 'Christmas Dinner' – this is where things get quite out of hand, as would be expected with a Jan van Haasteren puzzle!
And a general review of the puzzle 'Christmas dinner':

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2-in-1 (Christmas Bargains and Black Friday) 2×1000 pieces, Christmas Bargains, number 19098, year 2019, artist Dick Heins, with free stickers.

On the puzzle Christmas bargains by Jan van Haasteren you see a lot of people doing Christmas shopping in a large shopping center. In the middle of the shopping center is a very large and high Christmas tree. And in that Christmas tree is a monkey. And there is a gentleman hanging on a rope who puts the peak on the Christmas tree. You see a lot of people with packages or Christmas gifts. You will also see two reindeer in this shopping center. As it should be with Christmas, you will of course also see a Santa Claus in the shopping center.
And a general review of the puzzle 'Christmas Bargains':

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Streetlife (Snow Fun), 1000 piece puzzle, artist Jan van Haasteren.

Published in several variants of 1000 pieces, namely with the numbers: 81247 (Jumbo Formido), 81453D (Scandinavian edition), 81453V (Scandinavian edition) and appeared in a 3-in-1 combi box with number 81002.
This is not a specific Christmas puzzle, but it is a puzzle that features a Christmas scene, namely a lot of snow! And lots of snow fun! We prefer that at Christmas and it can sometimes happen that there is a nice pack of snow. That's why I added it to the list of Christmas puzzles.
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1000 pieces, 'Santa's Factory', this is not available separately in a puzzle of 1000 pieces.

This one is only in a 2-in-1 combo box, along with the puzzle 'New Year's Eve' (sometimes called 'Happy Holidays'). This puzzle has number 19024 (2015 edition) or 19082 (2018 edition). Artist Rob Derks.
This is a very nice puzzle, in which a lot of Santas appear, who are all making presents in a factory. Perfect for the Christmas spirit!
And a general review of the 'Santa's Factory' puzzle:

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1000 pieces, 'The Village of Santa Claus', this is also available in a puzzle of 5000 pieces.

This puzzle has number 20075 (release in 2022). The illustrator is Rob Derks.

This is a puzzle in which the village of Santa Claus is shown. Where he lives and what happens. A typical Christmas scene with lots of snow. Apparently that belongs to a Village of Santa Claus. Again the usual Christmas items such as reindeer, Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and snowy roofs. Another very nice puzzle by Rob Derks.
And a general review of the puzzle 'The Village of Santa Claus':
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