Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas tree market' 1000 pieces

Jan van Haasteren

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Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas tree market' 1000 pieces

The puzzle I made was in a 2-in-1 box and has the number 19061 (with extra, namely a free search book by Jan van Haasteren), made in 2017 by artist Marco Eisinga of the Jan van Haasteren Studio:

This box also contains the puzzle 'Christmas dinner'. This box also contains a very small poster with the size 29 centimeters wide and 21 centimeters high. That's really small and doesn't help you much. However, on the box (since it's a 2-in-1), the image isn't very big either. Some puzzle boxes contain a poster that is the same size as the puzzle itself, and that helps you a lot with the puzzle. This puzzle 'Christmas tree market' (Christmastree market) is also available in:

  • Christmas dinner and Christmas tree market, 2-in-1 box, puzzle 1000 pieces, number 19080, artists Dick Heins and Marco Eisinga respectively, no extra. The number 19061 (described on this page) contains an extra search book by Jan van Haasteren. This one was drawn in the year 2018

What do you encounter when you have made this Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzle?

The jigsaw puzzle 'Christmas Tree Market' is a tricky one to make. He also seemed a bit boring to me beforehand, but when I started looking for all the recurring elements in the puzzle, there was a lot to find again. And it was quite difficult, because there is a lot of snow in it and a lot of Christmas trees. In the end I spent a long time finishing the Christmas trees.

On the puzzle you see a Christmas tree market, where many Christmas trees are sold and where it is very busy. There really is a lot happening. There is a chip shop on the Christmas tree market:
And there are a lot of funny elements in this chip shop. On top of the chip shop is a snowman holding a sign that read 'Enjoy fries of Roy'. The well-known Jan van Haasteren bell hangs at the door again, with 3 bells. A squid crawls out of the chip shop, archh!
1 dog is in the queue in front of the chip shop, with a Christmas tree on his back, and 1 dog is eating fries with his owner! And if you look very closely, you can see the well-known teeth in the chip shop (see also the video below). But it's really hard to find!
For the sharp lettering, on the bench behind the chip shop you can see Jan van Haasteren himself.

You will also see a Christmas stall, where all kinds of gifts are sold:
Also here are several nice elements. Do you see the gentleman with the baguette under his arm? He looks at a present with an angry face on it; you can also see this same face in a Christmas tree on the puzzle! Fantastic, of course, the man who wears a knight mask and who has bought a Christmas tree.
And if you look very closely, you see another spider walking on the market stall, on the top of the stall, can you find it?

Also a nice scene: the Tax-official', you can see him walking here:
I had to magnify very well what exactly is written on that gentleman's briefcase, but if I have read correctly 'tax official'. So something from a tax inspector, or something? The funny thing is, this gentleman is also on the puzzle'Formula 1'. If you look closely at the gentleman next to the 'tax official', suddenly a Santa Claus shoots out of his Christmas tree, which shocks him!
The 'tax official' seems to be taking a sleigh with him with a flower pot and a watering can on it, about which two other people are very surprised.

Nice element is this one:
Here you see a snake between the Christmas trees, a typical Jan van Haasteren snake. You will also see a sign with toilet on it, and you can flush. Very small also a yellow sticker with 'Jane' on it! You see another hand appear behind the tree and you see the well-known JvH ghost. A lot at once in 1 scene.

Also about JvH's jigsaw puzzle 'The Christmas Tree Market'

I've done another overall review on this puzzle, of all the fun and funny things that can be seen on this jigsaw puzzle. But you will probably see even more yourself, because that is what makes the Jan van Haasteren puzzles so much fun. My favorite elements from this puzzle:

I made this jigsaw puzzle in several days and I put it all by myself. I made the puzzle on a puzzle mat because I always find it useful to move the puzzle if necessary. Then I always start by laying out all the pieces on the puzzle mat. I did all this at my leisure, but did take the time.

I always start by explaining all the pieces on the puzzle mat (size is 1 meter and 60 centimeters wide and 90 centimeters high). As you can see, this puzzle also includes a small poster with the size 29 centimeters wide and 21 centimeters high. That's really small and doesn't help you much. However, on the box (since it's a 2-in-1), the image isn't very big either. Some puzzle boxes contain a poster that is the same size as the puzzle itself, and that helps you a lot with the puzzle. The box and the small poster on my puzzle mat:
As you can see the poster is very small.

Then I gathered all the edge pieces together and started laying the edges. As is often the case, I miss 1 edge piece! Arch, that is always the challenge whether you are going to look for this edge piece separately, or whether the edge piece is just missing in the box (I bought the puzzle second hand via Facebook Marketplace). I finally went looking for it, but couldn't find it quickly. Afterwards it turned out that the piece was just there and I had not properly sorted the edge pieces.

I then look for pieces by color and started with the chip shop. Funny element, because this chip shop has a snowman holding a sign that says 'Enjoy the fries of Roy'. As you can see I started with the door ('Private'), and the menu is also on that door. I also collected the pieces with the bright green colors and started the Christmas gift stall. (and as you can see, I had already found that one missing edge piece!). My result after 1 hour of puzzling:

The bus at the top of the puzzle was easy to put together, given its striking colors. Also the lampposts and ladder pieces were easy to find and install.

All non-Christmas trees were easy to lay, that went quite quickly. You will see my result after about 70% of the puzzle. Where I left all the Christmas trees for a while, those pieces look so much alike!

And about 90% of the puzzle:

Almost finished, but those very difficult Christmas trees still have to be done. Well, that's going to be a tough job! As you can see there are still some people hiding in a Christmas tree left and right, and that helped, lastly I also collected all pieces with 'heads'. Next to the Christmas trees pieces.

And….yes, it's finished! The result:

Also the puzzle on the puzzle mat next to the box (a 2-in-1):

And to compare how big the puzzle is compared to the poster that comes with it:

A Christmas Puzzle

This puzzle is great fun to make or to give as a gift during the Christmas season. There is a special overview with all christmas puzzles. A a special category 'Jan van Haasteren Christmas puzzles'

Jan van Haasteren 'The Christmas Tree Market' 1000 pieces - Recurring elements

You can also see a lot in this Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas trees market' fixed recurring elements in the puzzle. For example Supersnail, the shark fin, the hands, the eyes, the cats, the teeth, Sinterklaas, the glasses, but much more!. These fixed or recurring elements will show again below with videos and photos.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas Tree Market' - recurring element 1: The 3 Peepholes

The peepholes are a fixed item in a JvH puzzle, they can also be found in this puzzle, albeit not easily:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas Tree Market' - recurring element 2: The 3 Plasters

The patches are a very nice recurring element in JvH puzzles, because there are often more, and because they are very small. This is often a real treasure hunt:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 3: Baron van Tast tot Zeveren

Baron van Tast tot Zeveren was once an old cartoon character that Jan van Haasteren drew. And then he moved on to drawing puzzles. Yet you still often see the Baron van Tast on his jigsaw puzzles:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 4: The Krab

The crab is a fixture in the recurring elements. Often there is only 1 crab (or none), we were able to find it again:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 5: The Eyes

You also see the eyes on all puzzles, and here too it can be several eyes. They are easy to overlook because they can be quite small:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 6: the Periscope

The Periscope is also often seen, not hard to find, because it is quite large. Always only occurs once on a puzzle.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 7: The Cigar

The cigar is also always a tricky one, because it's rather small and always lying on the floor somewhere. We were able to find it again:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 8: The Saw

The saw is often quite easy to find, but can be in all places, it even seems to be able to saw through walls 🙂


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas Tree Market' - recurring element 9: The Shark Vin

The shark fin of course! Easy to find and feature of the JvH puzzles:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 10: The Dentures

The dentures in combination with the toothbrush are often difficult to find, even in this puzzle. At first I thought he wasn't on it:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 11: The Squid

Squid is also very common, because it is so big, easy to find:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 12: Jan van Haasteren himself!

Yes!! Jan van Haasteren, the artist himself (although this puzzle was drawn by Marco Eisinga), is always the crowning glory of your search when you find it, but it is certainly not always on every puzzle:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 13: Jane On yellow stickers, 5 x

Jane herself is sometimes featured as a person, but not always. You often see the yellow stickers with Jane's name on them. Then you have to count them, do you have them all?


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 14: The Cat or the Poes

The cat or the female almost always occurs:


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 15: The Agents and the Crook

Yes, cops and the crook are often nice combinations. Crook is often very close to the agents, and very often the crook is disguised….


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 16: The Ghost

The ghost can appear several times on a puzzle, not always easy to find and usually looks a bit scared.


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 17: Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is very common and 'zwe' Piet. Here he is fighting Santa over a Christmas tree!


Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Christmas tree market' - recurring element 18: Super Snail

Supersnail is often there with his turtle friend. Not in this case, but he does have a beautiful Christmas tree on his house


How long will it take you to complete this 1000 piece puzzle?

I always put the puzzles at ease, after all it remains very fun to do. I start by sorting the pieces - I put the edge pieces aside, and then I'm going to lay the edges. So I have roughly kept the time for each activity. You will then get the following:

Laying out all the pieces from the box (turning over): 20 minutes
Assembling edges: 40 minutes
Still laying the puzzle itself, all the pieces: 9 hours and 30 minutes
So my total time on this puzzle: 10 hours and 30 minutes. That is slightly longer than average. Normally I am around 8 – 8,5 hours. But this puzzle was really difficult, especially with the Christmas tree pieces.

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books by Jan van Haasteren. These are not only fun search books to search for recurring elements, you can also ideally use the image of this puzzle as an 'extra' large poster while puzzling! View the overview with our 'Jan van Haasteren search books'

About Jumbo puzzles

Jumbo (not to be confused with our supermarket Jumbo!) makes toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo, for example, has made the very well-known games such as “Human don't get annoyed” and “Stratego” and “PimPamPet”. Games that have been around for generations and are still widely played by both young and old. Jumbo has been making and developing toys since about 1900. In the early years of the company, only toys from other countries were imported to the Netherlands. However, since about 1930 it was decided to also make their own toys, at the time manufacturing wooden toys, which was very popular at the time. Almost all toys in those years were made of wood. An important spearhead was that the toys made by Jumbo had to be of very good quality; it had to be as strong as an Elephant. An elephant had to stand on it! The red elephant has been the hallmark of Jumbo's games and puzzles for years. The name Jumbo and the red elephant together form the logo from about 1935. The Jumbo elephant is drawn by Mr. Möhr. He worked at an advertising agency and regularly signed for Hausemann & Hötte. Mr Möhr was at one point commissioned to design a beautiful new elephant logo for the Hausemann & Hötte toys. The logo has changed a bit since then. For example, the eye has grown over the years and has dropped slightly more, resulting in a friendlier elephant.

In the past, the elephant was not only used in the color red, but in all kinds of colors such as blue, yellow, black, white and green. All those colors were cozy and playful. For example, one time there was a yellow elephant on the box and the other time a red one. It was usually looked at which color best matched the color of the box. It was not until the end of the 60s that the red elephant was definitively chosen. Red is a color that stands out and attracts attention.

From 1945 Jumbo also started to focus on games made of cardboard. Jumbo has therefore been a guarantee for strong quality for years! Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history, with its head office in Zaandam. About 130 employees work for Jumbo. With a turnover of €75 million, Jumbo is a medium-sized European player in toys. Jumbo has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. They export to more than 25 countries around the world.

In 1980 Jumbo starts the production of Jan van Haasteren Puzzles.

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Jan van Haasteren 'Christmas Tree Market' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710126190616
Puzzle number 19061
Kind of product puzzle
Puzzle Theme Cartoon
Number of pieces 1000
Quality mark CE
Target audience Children and Adults
Puzzle type Jigsaw puzzle
Brand Jumbo
Color Misc
Material Board
Age From 10 years old

Reviews about this puzzle

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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Seemed boring, but still turned out fun

I wrote the review above about the puzzle. When I saw the puzzle, I thought it was very boring. And it is a bit like that, because it has a lot of the same thing on it, such as the Christmas trees and the snow. However, all the recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren more than made up for this. Unbelievable how many were hidden in this puzzle and I had to search! So great, that still made the 4 stars.

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