Puzzles drawn by Dick Heins

Dick Heins (born 29 September 1959 in The Hague) is part of the Jan van Haasteren studio. When Dick is 19 years old, he contacts Jan van Haasteren and he learns all kinds of handy drawing techniques from him. Dick has his own drawing studio. He has now drawn quite a number of puzzles for the Jan van Haasteren Studio. In addition to the drawings he makes for the Jan van Haasteren Studio, Dick also makes other drawings, caricatures and more. You will find all information about Dick Heins on his website. Dick currently lives (November 2022) in Oosterhout in the province of North Brabant. However, he was born in The Hague and grew up in Wassenaar. He is married. He has also signed for series such as 'Beautiful Keetje' and 'Bobo' and 'Junior Suske en Wiske'. Just like Jan van Haasteren, he also doesn't like puzzles 🙂 He has no patience for it. Dick also indicates that he has been drawing 2,5 jigsaw puzzle for Jumbo for about 1 months.

Since 2013 at the Jan van Haasteren studio

Jan contacts Dick and asks if he would like to come and draw at the Jan van Haasteren Studio. That is in 2013. Dick really wants this and has therefore been with the Jan van Haasteren Studio since 2013.

Characteristic elements by Dick Heins

In the puzzles of Dick Heins you always see a number of characteristic elements, just like you see in puzzles drawn by Jan van Haasteren. Dick Heins therefore returns the characteristic elements in Jan van Haasteren's puzzles (squid, shark fin, Sinterklaas, super snail, the eyes, etc), but also draws his own characteristic elements in the puzzles he draws.

What are the characteristic elements of Dick Heins?

The characteristic elements of Dick Heins in his puzzles are a caricature of his father and you can see that he sometimes draws himself (a 'self-portrait of Dick Heins'), Dick is recognizable by his bald head. However, if you want to know more about this, email me, then I add characteristic elements of Dick Heins in this list.

All recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren and Dick Heins

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List of puzzles created by Dick Heins – visual overview

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