How old is Jan van Haasteren

Jan van Haasteren is 88 years old (24 February 1936).

Jan van Haasteren 88 years old!
When Jan turned 88, there was a 'Sign for Jan' campaign, because Jan had already drawn for his fans all those years. Now the other way around. Action was organized by, nice action! In the video you can see the presentation of no fewer than 400 cards/drawings for Jan:

Jan van Haasteren 87 years old!
When Jan turned 87, several things were organized:
– Jan received a photo book

On February 24, 2023, a beautiful photo book was handed over to him. This action was organized by Via the socials and email subscribers, everyone could send their best 'Jan van Haasteren' photo, with a personal text for Jan. The photo book was also handed over to Jan.
- An XXXL puzzle was revealed
- The 10th anniversary of the Jan van Haasteren Studio was celebrated

Jan van Haasteren 85 years old!
When Jan turned 85, congratulatory cards had been collected for him from all over the world. And here's a nice video made (video dated February 24, 2021):

At the age of 85, Jan van Haasteren appeared again in the youth news on August 8, 2021, in which he also answered questions from children. I personally found one of his most beautiful statements "I don't puzzle myself, that's not my thing":

On October 26, 2021, the artists of the Jan van Haasteren Studio (Jan van Haasteren, Rob Derks and Dick Heins) interviewed by a few children. The puzzle 'Efteling Fairytale Forest' was chosen in the category 'Puzzles' as Toy of the Year 2021:

Then I started collecting all kinds of useful facts about Jan van Haasteren, do you have 1 that is missing from this overview, then email me!

1. When was Jan van Haasteren born or what is his date of birth?

Jan van Haasteren was born on February 24, 1936.

2. Where was Jan van Haasteren born?

Jan was born in Schiedam, near Rotterdam in the province of South Holland.

3. Where does Jan van Haasteren live or Where does Jan van Haasteren live?

Jan van Haasteren lives in Bergen, where he lives in the province of North Holland. He was knighted in the Order of Orange Nassau in his own hometown of Bergen. A special puzzle has also been released for this, namely 'The inauguration' – this puzzle was named 'Ribbon Rain'. A ribbon was awarded in his hometown of Bergen and a beautiful video was made:

Want to read everything about the 'knighting' of Jan van Haasteren? Read 'Jan van Haasteren Anniversary puzzles'.

4. Who is Jan van Haasteren married to?

Jan van Haasteren was married to Romi, and she passed away in 2015. When Romi was 48 years old, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. All the years that Romi was ill, Jan took care of her.

5. What sport does Jan van Haasteren still do?

Even at the age of 85, Jan still plays tennis once or twice a week.

6. Does Jan van Haasteren have children?

Jan van Haasteren and his wife Romi had two children, namely Saskia de Rijk-Van Haasteren (1968) and Petra van Haasteren. Daughter Saskia 'manages and monitors' the Jan van Haasteren brand. Jan sometimes stands on a puzzle with his daughter Saskia van Haasteren, such as with the puzzle 'Christmas Bargains'. Very nice!

7. What is Jan van Haasteren's favorite character or recurring element in his puzzles?

That is Sinterklaas!

8. What is Jan van Haasteren's favorite puzzle?

That's the puzzle'The Hospital' or 'Get well soon'

9. Is Jan van Haasteren Dutch?

Yes! Jan van Haasteren is a Dutch comics artist, born in Schiedam and currently living in Bergen (North Holland) and at the beginning of his career he drew comics, the best known of which are: Tinus Trotyl, Sjaak and Uncle George and Erik and Opa. Later he drew the well-known Jan van Haasteren puzzles.

10. What was the first Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

The very first puzzle drawn by Jan van Haasteren was a Popeye puzzle of 16 pieces, drawn in 1975. In 1977 Jan signed a poster for Bokma Citroen Jenever and a puzzle of it was released by Ravensburger in 1985 (billiards), however this puzzle was released in 1993 by Jumbo (also 'billiards') in 3000 pieces. Jan van Haasteren also drew a poster for Hoppe / Bokma in 1977 that was later (only in 2016!) made into a puzzle: Jan van Haasteren 'Happy birthday Jan - 80 years' 1000 pieces. After that, Jan 'officially' started drawing puzzles for Jumbo. For Jumbo, the first puzzle that Jan drew was the puzzle 'Olympics', from 1983.
I have made a separate page about the very special Popeye Floor Puzzle 'First Jan van Haasteren puzzle'

11. How big is a Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

In the table below you will find all dimensions of a Jan van Haasteren puzzle:

Number of pieces Puzzle size
150 pieces 35x25 inch
252 XXL 68x49 inch
500 pieces 49x35 inch
500XL 68x49 inch
615 Family Puzzle 90x60 inch
950 pieces 65x49 inch
1000 pieces 68x49 inch
1250 pieces 85x49 inch
1500 pieces 90x60 inch
2000 pieces 98x68 inch
3000 pieces 122x85 inch
5000 pieces 157x107 inch

Do you want to know all dimensions, also of other puzzle brands? Then view the page 'Dimensions puzzles'.

12. Which Jan van Haasteren puzzles are there?

There are many different puzzles made by Jan van Haasteren, ranging from 10 pieces to 5000 pieces. You will find the complete overview of all puzzles made by Jan van Haasteren on the page 'Jan van Haasteren puzzles overview'.

13. How many puzzles did Jan van Haasteren make?

This seems like an easy question, but it is not so easy to answer. You should know that a 'Jan van Haasteren' puzzle can be drawn by 1 of the 3 artists of the Jan van Haasteren studio (these are: Jan van Haasteren, Rob Derks, Dick Heins). How many puzzles Jan van Haasteren has drawn or made: on the page 'How many Jan van Haasteren puzzles are thereyou find the answer!

14. Where do you buy Van Haasteren puzzles?

Where you can buy the Jan van Haasteren puzzles, you can do so via the following channels:

  • You just go to a store, and then for example: Tuinland, Top1toys, Intertoys, Blokker, Bruna, almost every toy store has them, Kruidvat. And probably a few more shops I forgot!
  • You can buy them online in many webshops, such as:,,,,,,, And probably a few more webshops that I have forgotten!
  • You can buy them second hand on, for example, Facebook Marketplace,
  • Which is not really buying, but you can also exchange puzzles with each other

15. What are Jan van Haasteren's latest puzzles?

The list of latest puzzles from Jan van Haasteren is constantly being refreshed and needs to be updated. To have an idea, in 2020 35 'new' puzzles by Jan van Haasteren appeared. Sometimes the same drawing in a different box.
View the overview of the Jan van Haasteren puzzles that came out in 2020.
On this website I keep a list with the 'puzzle overview Jan van Haasteren', including the year of issue. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the website

16. What always comes back in a Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

What always comes back in a Jan van Haasteren puzzle are: the Shark fin, Sinterklaas, the Crab, The Hands, The Eyes, The dentures and Jan van Haasteren self-portrait. But: this certainly does not ALWAYS appear in every puzzle! AND: there are many more recurring elements to be found, which makes JvH's puzzles so much fun. Want to see the full list of examples?
Then view 'Jan van Haasteren hidden elements'

17. How many puzzles does Jan van Haasteren draw per year?

Jan van Haasteren (and his colleagues from the Jan van Haasteren studio: Dick Heins en Robert Derks) draw about 3 to 4 puzzles per person per year.

18. How long does it take Jan van Haasteren to draw a puzzle?

Drawing 1 drawing for a puzzle takes about 3 to 4 months. That is why they can make 'only' 3 to 4 puzzles per year.

19. What training did Jan van Haasteren complete?

Jan van Haasteren attended various schools. They are the following:

  • The craft school in Schiedam – where he learned to be a house painter
  • He then went to the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam – where he followed the Publicity & Advertising course

After these courses he attended, he worked as an assistant to Loek van Delden on the comic strip Smidje Verholen.

20. Where are the Jan van Haasteren puzzles made?

All Jan van Haasteren puzzles are made and marketed by the game manufacturer Jumbo. Jumbo is a Dutch brand and the factory is located in Zaandam. Do you want to know the exact address? That is:
West side 184
1506 EC Zaandam
By the way, it's not Jumbo, but: Royal Jumbo!!
How did you get the predicate 'Royal'? There are the following requirements for this (and Jumbo meets them!):
“A company must exist for a hundred years and the predicate is only awarded on the occasion of a special jubilee (100 or 125 years of existence and furthermore in the case of a multiple of 25 years). An application must be accompanied by solid proof of the date of incorporation.”

21. How much does a Jan van Haasteren puzzle weigh or What is the weight of a Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

How much a Jan van Haasteren puzzle weighs (including the box!), depends on the number of pieces. In the table below you see an overview of the weight per puzzle. Useful to know how heavy a puzzle is, also if you want to know the shipping costs based on the weight:

Number of pieces Weight in Grams Weight in kilograms
150 pieces 200 gram 0,2 kilo
500 pieces 400 gram 0,4 kilo
950 pieces 600 gram 0,6 kilo
1000 pieces 800 gram 0,8 kilo
1500 pieces 1100 gram 1,1 kilo
2000 pieces 1300 gram 1,3 kilo
3000 pieces 2000 gram 2,0 kilo
5000 pieces 3000 gram 3,0 kilo
2-in-1 combo box (2x1000 pieces) 1600 gram 1,6 kilo
3-in-1 combo box (3x1000 pieces) 2400 gram 2,4 kilo

22. What are the shipping costs if you want to buy or send a second-hand Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

If you want to exchange Jan van Haasteren puzzles, you have to calculate shipping costs (useful to know the weight per puzzle from the table above!). I have made an overview of this, because I regularly need this myself. You can find an overview of the shipping costs per Jan van Haasteren puzzle on this page:
Shipping costs per Jan van Haasteren puzzle based on weight

23. Below is a summary of all Biographical data of Jan van Haasteren

Item What
Name Jan van Haasteren
Profession cartoonist
Current place of residence Bergen
Lives in the province Noord-Holland
Lives in country The Netherlands
Date of Birth February 24 1936
Born in Schiedam
Has as Child - 1 (daughter) Saskia van Haasteren
Has as Child - 2 (daughter) Petra van Haasteren
Gender Male
Award Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau
Colleague at Studio van Haasteren Robert Derks
Colleague at Studio van Haasteren Dick Heins
family name from Haasteren
Is part of Jan van Haasteren studio
Makes puzzles for JUMBO

24. Book about Jan van Haasteren 'From Comic Artist to Puzzle Phenomenon'

A beautiful thick book has been published in which you can learn a lot about Jan van Haasteren himself and his work. This book is called “From Comic Artist to Puzzle Phenomenon”.
It is a thick book of no less than 290 pages of background information, photos and many of Jan's beautiful drawings, from children's drawings to comics, from advertising illustrations to puzzle plates. The outside of the book is a beautiful hard cover. Dimensions: 23,5 x 32,5 x 2,7 cm. Weight: 2 kg. Price: 34,95 euros (June 2021)
If you want to get even more excited and see a review about this book, watch this video:

Front Book Back of Book

Provider Website address Buy now at

Nice to report: this very special book was drawn by Marco Eisinga in the puzzle 'Christmas Bargains'. Very nice!

25. Who draws the Jan van Haasteren puzzles?

Jan van Haasteren's puzzles are drawn by the artists of the Jan van Haasteren studio, to know:

In addition, some puzzles are also drawn by Marco Eisinga, but it is not part of the Jan van Haasteren Studio. On the new puzzle boxes you can see who the artist of the puzzle is on the side – this was done by Jumbo as of February 26, 2021. That is very practical!

26. What is Jan van Haasteren's biggest puzzle?

Dick Heins of the Jan van Haasteren Studio has drawn and made a very long puzzle in 2000 with number 00040. This puzzle is no less than 3,75 meters long. You can put it in 1 piece, and then the length of this puzzle will take up your entire living room (depending on how you live). You can also split it into parts, ie you put it into 4 or 5 equal parts. Knowing more? Read 'Jan van Haasteren longest puzzle'

27. What are rare Jan van Haasteren puzzles?

I made an overview of rare puzzles by Jan van Haasteren 'Jan van Haasteren rare'. Also an overview with the old puzzles by Jan van Haasteren.

Nicknames or Pseudonyms for Jan van Haasteren

Nicknames or Pseudonyms that Jan van Haasteren used in his puzzles or comics were:
–Jean Pion (all explanation about Jean Pion)
—Harold Hurry. Most likely this was invented by Jan because of 'Haasteren' and 'Hurry' = 'Hurry'. You will not find this name anywhere in Jan van Haasteren's puzzles. He sometimes used this name as a pseudonym when he was a cartoonist. That was about the years 1975. So he also used the pseudonym Jean Pion. However, you sometimes come across this name in his jigsaw puzzles