Puzzles drawn by Marco Eisinga

Marco Eisinga is part of the Jan van Haasteren studio. He has drawn a number of puzzles for the Jan van Haasteren Studio. Besides the drawings he makes for the Jan van Haasteren Studio, Marco also makes other drawings, story boards, logos and much more. You will find all information about Marco Eisinga on his website.

Signature elements by Marco Eisinga

In Marco Eisinga's puzzles you always see a number of characteristic elements, just like you see in puzzles drawn by Jan van Haasteren. Marco Eisinga therefore returns the characteristic elements in Jan van Haasteren's puzzles (squid, shark fin, Sinterklaas, super snail, the eyes, etc), but also draws his own characteristic elements in the puzzles he draws. However, until now I have no info about the specific recurring elements of Marco Eisinga in the puzzles.
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What are the characteristic elements of Marco Eisinga?

The characteristic elements of Marco Eisinga in his puzzles are unknown to me. However, if you want to know more about this, email me, then I add characteristic elements of Marco Eisinga in this list.

All recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren and Marco Eisinga

If you want a combined overview of all recurring elements in both the puzzles of Jan van Haasteren (drawn by Jan van Haasteren) AND the puzzles of Marco Eisinga, view our list: Jan van Haasteren Recurring elements.

List of puzzles created by Marco Eisinga