Jan van Haasteren puzzles offers

There are regular offers for the popular Jan van Haasteren puzzles. You can find them at:

1. Offers through various websites

– the well-known 'marketplaces' (Facebook or Marktplaats.nl)
Jan van Haasteren's 1000 pieces puzzles are often offered for 10 euros, if they still look neat and complete. Sometimes a little cheaper, and sometimes a little more expensive. Some puzzles are special (limited edition) or older, so you can ask for more. Or people just try to charge more for it, working within the 'demand-and-supply' system. Genuine new puzzles by Jan van Haasteren of 1000 pieces normally cost 16 euros.
It is best to search on marketplace or Facebook marketplace. There you will regularly find puzzles by Jan van Haasteren that are in perfect condition and are offered for sale. Just to be sure, ask if they are really in perfect condition, and also ask if there are any missing pieces. However, people sometimes promise that no pieces are missing, and then it turns out that pieces are missing. So be healthy when you buy through one of the online marketplaces.

– via (private) Facebook groups
A recommendation from personal experience is the Facebook group 'Jan van Haasteren puzzles exchange, sale and wanted group of the Netherlands.'. This is a private group, you must register for it and be admitted.
Also via the Facebook group 'I'm a fan of Jan Van Haasteren!keep you informed of upcoming offers.

– through various discount websites
For example: Toychamp.nl, bigbazar.eu, Aldoor.nl (large overview with various providers), Offers on the Jan van Haasteren website itself, via Spydeals.nl

2. Offers in various stores

If you still want to try at a store, we know that the following stores (regularly) have offers or discounts on Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzles:

  • Kruidvat
  • Attraction: also regularly has offers for the JvH puzzles, continuously follow what is in their brochures with offers. For example:
  • Bruna
  • Hoogvliet offers. For example: