Jan van Haasteren puzzle Sale

In advance, I assume that you want to see an overview of the offers of the Jan van Haasteren puzzles.
However, there is also a puzzle by Jan van Haasteren, which is called 'Shop till you drop' – number 00640.
If you want to buy it, then view this page.
Below I have made an overview of the possible offers or sales of the JvH puzzles that I know. If anyone knows of any other offers or sales, please email meI'll add it to this overview. These are the offers I've been able to find lately:

Sale of JvH puzzles via Toychamp.nl

toychamp jvh offers
Toychamp.nl has an offer of 2+1 free every year on the puzzles of Jan van Haasteren and Wasgij. This is usually in the month of December. In 2020, for example, this was in the period from: December 12, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
Want to know more? The action page of Toychamp.nl

Jan van Haasteren puzzle Outlet

Jan van hastenen outlet
There is a website where you can buy JvH puzzles relatively cheaply and order them online, namely via Outlet-shopping.nl. However, their range of Jan van Haasteren puzzles is very limited, at the time of making this article (December 2020), there were 3 JvH jigsaw puzzles in the range. These 3 puzzles varied in price from 9,99 euros to 13,99 euros. I know from experience that this is certainly not always the cheapest price. I have on the 'all Jan van Haasteren puzzles' page per puzzle made an overview of the providers with their prices, then you have a complete comparison overview.
Want to know more? The JvH puzzles at Outlet-shopping.nl

Jan van Haasteren offer Kruidvat

Kruidvat also regularly has offers from Jan van Haasteren puzzles. However, keep an eye on the Kruidvat website yourself or pick up their brochure regularly. Here you can take advantage of great discount offers. For example, an offer they sometimes had in the past:
Here was a 500 piece puzzle on offer for 5,99, while they are normally 10,00 euros! For almost half the price! That's definitely worth it!
Want to know more? Check out their website for the offers anyway

Jan van Haasteren offer Blokker

At Blokker there are regular offers for Jan van Haasteren puzzles. Keep an eye on the website and their brochures. An example of a promotion – which only went through their stores – was that you could buy the JvH puzzle 'Farm visit' in 1 of their shops and you then have a chance to win the golden puzzle piece in that box. If you found this golden puzzle piece in that puzzle box, you were the lucky winner and you could drive the 'Jan van Haasteren Fiat 500' for a year. This promotion was sometime at the end of 2020:

Two more examples of actions, held in 2020, as you can see Blokker does this very regularly – I've only shown a few examples here. The first action is a second Jan van Haasteren puzzle for half the price. The image next to it shows the substantial discount on the JvH puzzle 'King's Day, from € 15,99 for € 9,99 (that's about 35% discount!):

And another example in December 2020. 30% discount on all Jan van Haasteren puzzles, view their offer in the folder and in the store:

Want to know more? View the Blokker Jan van Haasteren page on which all promotions with discounts and offers are also listed

Jan van Haasteren offers via Trekpleister

Attraction also regularly has offers for the JvH puzzles, follow what is in their brochures with offers. For example, a promotion with approximately 50% discount on a Jan van Haasteren puzzle of 1500 pieces! See:
Want to know more? In any case, check out their website with all promotions and discounts

Jan van Haasteren offer Hoogvliet

Hoogvliet, that supermarket sometimes has special offers, keep a close eye on their brochures.

Jan van Haasteren offer Dane

The Deen supermarket may also have offers, this offer was from February 2021. Four types of 500-piece puzzles were offered for 7,50 euros each. Normally they are about 10,50 each. Soon a discount of about 30%! That's pretty big. And two types of 1000 piece puzzles were offered for $10,00 each, while they normally cost around $16-17. So quickly 35% discount! These are not offered via the website, but you really have to go to the store and look in their folder. You can of course view the brochure via their website 🙂 . You can find that on the page 'dane flyers'.

Jan van Haasteren buy second-hand puzzles

This is not a real 'sale' as it is not new puzzles, but second hand puzzles that you buy. However, from your own experience you get very neat puzzles that have often only been laid once or twice. Of course I also read the lesser experiences, that pieces are missing or a box is damaged. That risk is there if you buy through a second-hand marketplace. But always ask the seller: 'is the puzzle complete' and 'is there no damage to the puzzle or the box'?
I have a list of websites where you can very well buy second-hand Jan van Haasteren puzzles, you can see that list below. What discount do you have or what prices apply? Suppose we assume the puzzle of 1000 pieces 'Grand Prix' (or 'Formula 1), on my own page you can see all prices for this puzzle. You can see that the prices for this new puzzle vary from 15,95 to 22,95 euros. You can buy these second hand for 10-12 euros. Usually 10 euros is a fair price. It also depends on how much you want the puzzle. But then you quickly have a 50% discount on the new price! Another option is of course to exchange your Jan van Haasteren puzzle for another Jan van Haasteren puzzle, but then you will lose shipping costs. That is one of the cheapest options!

What are the shipping costs if you want to buy or send a second-hand Jan van Haasteren puzzle?

I have made an overview of the various shipping costs, because I often do that myself. Please note that the shipping costs below are for packages from 0 to 10 kilos. And: 1 Jan van Haasteren puzzle of 1000 pieces weighs 800 grams. It is therefore certainly cheaper to exchange several puzzles at the same time, then you will certainly save on shipping costs! The overview (as of January 2021):
1. Shipping via DPD: to home address € 5,60, to Collection Point € 4,25 (More Info)
2. Shipping via DHL: to home address € 5,75, to Collection Point € 4,50 (More Info)
3. Send via Post-NL: to home address € 6,75, to Collection Point € 6,25 (More Info)

Websites where you can buy or trade cheaply

The websites I know where you can buy or exchange very good second-hand Jan van Haasteren puzzles:

Buy a 2-in-1 or a 2×1000 piece combo box and save about 40%

What is of course also relatively inexpensive is to buy a 2-in-1 combi box. Then you buy two Jan van Haasteren puzzles in 1 box. Is that more beneficial? Hell yes! Because: an average Jan van Haasteren puzzle of 1000 pieces costs (February 2021) € 16,50. Then you often also have 4 to 5 euros shipping costs. In total you will lose about € 1 for 21,50 puzzle. However, if you buy 2 in 1 box, those combi boxes cost approximately (February 2021) € 21,50. If you then add 4 to 5 euros for shipping costs, you will lose a total of € 26,50. So:
– Buy 2x a separate box of 1000 pieces: € 43,00
– If you buy a combination box of 2×1000 pieces: € 26,50
As you can see, that makes a big difference in the price! You actually have a discount of about 40%!
Do you want an overview of all 2-in-1 puzzles? Look at: Jan van Haasteren 2-in-1 puzzles.

Buy a 3-in-1 or a 3×1000 piece combo box and save about 40%

The same story as above for a 2-in-1 combi box applies to a 3-in-1 combi box. Here you can make the following calculation (Based on prices February 2021):
– Buy 3x a separate box of 1000 pieces: € 64,50
– If you buy a combination box of 3×1000 pieces: € 39,00
As you can see, that makes a big difference in the price! You actually have a discount of about 40%!
Do you want an overview of all 3-in-1 puzzles? Look at: Jan van Haasteren 2-in-1 puzzles.