Puzzles drawn by Rob Derks

“Nice item in the puzzle 'Sea banquet', in the reservation book is the name of the artist of the puzzle – Rob Derks”

Rob Derks is part of the Jan van Haasteren studio. Rob Derks (born 1974) lives in Nijmegen with his girlfriend and three children. He has already drawn quite a few puzzles for the Jan van Haasteren Studio. In addition to the drawings he makes for the Jan van Haasteren Studio, Rob also makes his own puzzles for Jumbo, called “pieces of History”. As the name suggests, you can see elements from history in those puzzles.

Rob Derks and his hometown Nijmegen

The nice thing is that Rob Derks gets a lot of inspiration from companies and events in Nijmegen and the surrounding area. I have made a special page about this in which everything is described. Knowing more? Read: 'Rob Derks and Nijmegen'.

Characteristic elements by Rob Derks

In the puzzles of Rob Derks you always see a number of characteristic elements, just like you see in puzzles drawn by Jan van Haasteren. Rob Derks therefore returns the characteristic elements in the puzzles of Jan van Haasteren (squid, shark fin, Sinterklaas, super snail, the eyes, etc), but also draws his own characteristic elements in the puzzles he draws.

What are the characteristic elements of Rob Derks?

The characteristic elements that you almost always see coming back are:

  • the blue pen
  • the ZZ top guys (yes, that band from the 1970s-1980s)
  • a blue trunk
  • many figures in the puzzle squint or squint
  • a fat boy eating
  • the letters AC/DC (yes, from another band from the 1970s-1980s)

All recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren and Rob Derks

If you want a combined overview of all recurring elements in both the puzzles of Jan van Haasteren (drawn by Jan van Haasteren) AND the puzzles of Rob Derks, view our list: Jan van Haasteren Recurring elements.

List of puzzles created by Rob Derks – visual overview

You can immediately go to all puzzles and view the puzzle overview of Rob Derks, you will find it here.