Jan van Haasteren 'South Pole Expedition' 1000 pieces

Jan van Haasteren

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Jan van Haasteren Puzzle 'South Pole Expedition'

This is the puzzle 'South Pole Expedition' or 'South Pole Expedition' – this is number '20038'. This puzzle is available from January 30, 2021. That is this puzzle:
jan-van-haasteren-south pole-expedition-puzzle-1000-pieces-600-444
And this is the box:

The first JvH puzzle in 2021

This puzzle will be released in January 2021, to be precise on January 30th. The artist of this puzzle is Robert Derks.

General review

I made a general review about this South Pole Expedition puzzle:

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books by Jan van Haasteren. These are not only fun search books to search for recurring elements, you can also ideally use the image of this puzzle as an 'extra' large poster while puzzling! View the overview with our 'Jan van Haasteren search books'

This puzzle was once made during the Dutch National Championships Puzzle

Nice to know, this puzzle was used during the NK Puzzle. During the preliminary round in De Lier on 20-03-2022, a team consists of 4 people. With 4 people they have put this puzzle in a time of 1:10:45. So if you think you can participate in the Dutch National Championships? Then multiply this time x4 and you have an indication whether you are a fast puzzler. By the way: puzzle the NK is especially fun and fun to participate in!

Laying this puzzle

I made this puzzle on a large puzzle mat for puzzles up to 3000 pieces, namely the PuzzleUp† I think a 3000 piece puzzle mat is perfect if you are making a 1000 piece puzzle. Why? Read 'which puzzle mat should I choose† You can see that I have explained all the pieces (they all fit on the puzzle mat!), including the box. And immediately sorted out the straight sides, if all goes well I have 126.
Jan van Haasteren South Pole Expedition Puzzle 1000 Pieces Pieces on puzzle mat with box

And I did it right, found all 126 lace pieces and I always start laying the edges:
Jan van Haasteren South Pole Expedition Puzzle 1000 Pieces Straight edges laid with box
Then I went looking for pieces with all the bright orange colors on them, and then you come to the houses that are on the south pole, can imagine with few people that start with the penguins -:0 ? This is the result after about 2 hours of puzzling:
Jan van Haasteren South Pole Expedition Puzzle 1000 Pieces After 2 hours
And after 3,5 hours – quite far – you see that the penguins are already left. It is a puzzle that is fun to make and with many recurring elements:
Jan van Haasteren South Pole Expedition Puzzle 1000 Pieces After 35 hours
And yes, all the penguin pieces are still there, that was a job that took me a relatively long time. Very curious about people who make this puzzle in a different order, give a review at the bottom of the page, or upload an example of the puzzle how you are making it!
Jan van Haasteren South Pole Expedition Puzzle 1000 Pieces Very Last Pieces
And yet I survived the puzzling of all those 151 penguin, don't auction it, but this very nice puzzle is finished!
jan-van-haasteren-south pole-expedition-puzzle-1000-pieces-600-444

Main question: How many penguins are there on the puzzle 'Jan van Haasteren South Pole'?

Once you're done, you'll be done with those penguins for a while 🙂 There are really a lot on it, and the question or challenge is 'How many penguins are there exactly on this puzzle'? I'm going to give you the redeeming answer, which is 151! Just think for yourself…..

What music should you put on when you make this puzzle

Found in the Facebook group 'I'm a fan of Jan van Haasteren', a very appropriate song for this puzzle, namely that of Andre van Duin from 2015 entitled 'Ta-Ta-Ta', which was featured in the very popular program 'TopPop' at the time. There are several Penguins in this clip. So – if you're going to do this puzzle, put this song on!:

Jan van Haasteren 'South Pole Expedition' All Recurring Elements

All recurring elements that I have found in this puzzle are – there are 33 of them:
The Fart, Dentures, Dog Max (Dalmatian dog), Periscope, Shark fin, Crab, Hands, Red and white tabby Cat, Fat Woman (Mother-in-law), Squid, Eyes, AC/DC, Baron van Tast tot Zeveren, Boy Scouts, Crook and Police , Self-portrait Jan van Haasteren, ZZ Top, 1 Milk, Toothpaste and Toothbrush, Black Spider, Twins, 3 Peepholes, Female or Cat, Super Snail, Blue Trunk, Toilet Paper, Toilet String, Ghost, Sinterklaas, 3 bells, Fat Boy, Gnome , Plasters, Arrow.
And if you like it, in the video below you can see where these recurring elements (all 33!) can be found:

How long will it take you to complete this 1000 piece puzzle?

I made the puzzle 'South Pole Expedition' in peace and took several days to complete it. Beautifully made on a puzzle mat on the floor in the living room. I do take the time, but not very precisely, it remains a hobby that puzzles! But to give you an idea of ​​how long it took me to complete this 1000 piece JvH puzzle:

  • Explaining the pieces: 20 minutes
  • Laying the edges = 30 minutes (slightly longer than normal, difficult that air/snow!)
  • Laying the rest of the pieces = 6 hours
  • So it took me a total of 6 hours and 50 minutes to complete this puzzle. That is faster than it takes me on average over a JvH jigsaw puzzle, namely about 8 hours. However: forgot to keep track of the time a few times, so it became a bit of an estimate. Good thing that shouldn't push the fun, it was fun to puzzle

About Jumbo puzzles

Jumbo (not to be confused with our supermarket Jumbo!) makes toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo, for example, has made the very well-known games such as “Human don't get annoyed” and “Stratego” and “PimPamPet”. Games that have been around for generations and are still widely played by both young and old. Jumbo has been making and developing toys since about 1900. In the early years of the company, only toys from other countries were imported to the Netherlands. However, since about 1930 it was decided to also make their own toys, at the time manufacturing wooden toys, which was very popular at the time. Almost all toys in those years were made of wood. An important spearhead was that the toys made by Jumbo had to be of very good quality; it had to be as strong as an Elephant. An elephant had to stand on it! The red elephant has been the hallmark of Jumbo's games and puzzles for years. The name Jumbo and the red elephant together form the logo from about 1935. The Jumbo elephant is drawn by Mr. Möhr. He worked at an advertising agency and regularly signed for Hausemann & Hötte. Mr Möhr was at one point commissioned to design a beautiful new elephant logo for the Hausemann & Hötte toys. The logo has changed a bit since then. For example, the eye has grown over the years and has dropped slightly more, resulting in a friendlier elephant.

In the past, the elephant was not only used in the color red, but in all kinds of colors such as blue, yellow, black, white and green. All those colors were cozy and playful. For example, one time there was a yellow elephant on the box and the other time a red one. It was usually looked at which color best matched the color of the box. It was not until the end of the 60s that the red elephant was definitively chosen. Red is a color that stands out and attracts attention.

From 1945 Jumbo also started to focus on games made of cardboard. Jumbo has therefore been a guarantee for strong quality for years! Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history, with its head office in Zaandam. About 130 employees work for Jumbo. With a turnover of €75 million, Jumbo is a medium-sized European player in toys. Jumbo has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. They export to more than 25 countries around the world.

In 1980 Jumbo starts the production of Jan van Haasteren Puzzles.

Jan van Haasteren 'South Pole Expedition' 1000 pieces - where to buy?

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Jan van Haasteren 'South Pole Expedition' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710126200384
Puzzle number 20038
Kind of product puzzle
Puzzle Theme Cartoon
Number of Pieces 1000
Quality mark CE
Target audience Children and adults
Puzzle type Jigsaw puzzle
Brand Jumbo
Color Diverse
Material Board
Age From 10 years

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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 1 reviews
through Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Nicely done, another real find!

Beautiful puzzle made by Rob Derks. I wrote the above review in March 2022 and then created this puzzle. Difficult to make, but it works well. And then many recurring elements. And yes, I also started counting the number of penguins......

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  • 28 October 2021
    Nelly heyden - One of the hardest, with all those penguins

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