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Jan van Haasteren

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Jan van Haasteren Puzzle 'The Storm'

If you are looking for the 1000 piece Jan van Haasteren Puzzle called 'The Storm', it is this one:

I made the above puzzle and it has number 19001. This puzzle was published in the year 2014 and the artist is Jan van Haasteren. This is the box:
As you can see this is a 2-in-1 combo box edition of JvH. The other puzzle in this box is 'Safari'. This 'Storm' puzzle has also appeared in other variants in other years, namely:

  • With number 08900, 1000 pieces, an edition of 'Holdson', 'It's a Funny World', artist JvH
  • With number 01498, 1500 pieces, published by Jumbo, artist JvH, published in 2007. This box has DCM 2.0 on the front, this box appeared until 2014
  • With number 01498, 1500 pieces, published by Jumbo, draftsman JvH, published in 2007. This box shows a purple car on the front bottom left. This box appeared from 2014

This puzzle is part of the XXXL puzzle

This puzzle is one of the ten puzzles that is part of the XXXL puzzle consisting of 30200 pieces.

This Extra Large puzzle was issued in honor of it 10th anniversary of the Jan van Haasteren Studio. This XXXL puzzle was issued in a limited edition and is therefore a Limited Edition. This puzzle was chosen by Jan van Haasteren in 2023 as a favorite puzzle to return in the XXXL puzzle of 30.200 pieces.

Fun fact about this puzzle

From the exhibitionAll kidding aside' in Harderwijk I was able to find out this information about this puzzle:
On January 18, 2007 there was the storm 'Kyrill' in the Netherlands. From the window of Jan's office he saw how strong the wind was blowing outside and on the news he heard all kinds of things about stranded people. Jan then drew this puzzle based on this.

What do you encounter when you have made this Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzle?

First off, I made a general 'review' with all sorts of fun things that caught my eye, check them out in the following video:

What do you see in this puzzle? He is great fun, because the storm really throws everything upside down, you also really have to look very carefully where the well-known characters of Jan van Haasteren can be found again. And of course a lot of funny elements, some also mentioned in the video above. In any case, I would like to name these below.
The horseshoes under the shoes
You can see if you look closely that the gentleman holding on to the bus stop has horseshoes under his shoes, super fun element!
Peter Paint Smooth and Good
Beautiful billboard of the painters, Peter paint, SMooth and Good, as he has to hold on with all his strength his scaffolding which is blown away by the storm:
Hurricane Road!
Hardly noticeable, but you can expect it to storm here, the street name is 'Hurricane Road' (Storm Street):
Penguin 'I can Fly'
The penguin flying through the air and singing 'I can fly':
The hometown of Jan van Haasteren
You see the sign to Jan van Haasteren's hometown flying through the air, because the yellow sign says 'Bergen', which is located in North Holland. The sign says the N510, and that secondary road actually exists, if you look it up on Google Maps:

Here you see the yellow N510 board on the puzzle The Storm:
Spider in car
Have you seen it, if you look very carefully, you will see a spider walking on the dashboard of the car, that makes Jan van Haasteren's puzzles so much fun, long search and you discover all kinds of nice details:

Laying JvH's jigsaw puzzle 'The Storm'

I made this puzzle on a puzzle mat of 1 meter 60 wide and 90 centimeters high. I find that useful, because I regularly have to move the puzzle again. I traded this puzzle via Facebook Marketplace. I only make puzzles once and then I like to exchange it for another. I am not a stacker or collector of JvH puzzles, as I sometimes see other people. They then have 1 or 1 cabinets full of JvH puzzles.
It is always a bit of a wait to see if everything is in the box, if you have exchanged it via Marktplaats or Facebook Marketplace. But this time it was very complete, even with a homemade poster (printed). That poster is handy, because puzzling on the picture on the box is not very useful, because it is very small. In the image below you can even see a very small original printed paper with the image and number of the puzzle on it. Magnificent!
And this is the poster that came in the box, nicely laminated even!
What I always start with is explaining the puzzle pieces on the puzzle mat. This time I had some advantage in my puzzle time, as you can see the straight pieces are already in a plastic bag. So I didn't have to sort them out. What I find very useful is my large puzzle mat, then all the pieces fit on it and I don't have to store them somewhere else.
I started by matching pieces of the same color. So those were the cars and the bus shelter and the roof at the top of the puzzle. The pieces of the zebra crossing were also easy to find and lay. You can see that I have already finished the first 4 cars quite far:
Jan-van-Haasteren-Storm-puzzle-1000-pieces-puzzle-after 15pm
I then continued with the dark gray parts of the road, which are very recognizable, this was my result after 3 hours of puzzling:
Jan-van-Haasteren-Storm-puzzle-1000-pieces-puzzle-after 3pm

The most difficult thing for me was the house with all those different windows and frames, and the tree was also very difficult; I saved these two items for last:
And finally, after almost 7 hours of puzzling, I have completed this beautiful puzzle:
Here again you see the size of the poster that came with the puzzle; the puzzle has a size of 68 wide by 49 centimeters high, and the box comes with it, because it was a 2-in-1 combination box:

Jan van Haasteren 'The Storm' 1000 pieces - Recurring elements

There are many in this puzzle recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren. I once tried to put them all on video and photo, and the list can be found below. As you can see, there are a lot of them.

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 1: The dentures

Hot dentures were also very hard to find this time around, but they were there, and hot dentures are also flying around through the storm:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 2: Baron van Tast tot Zeveren

Baron van Tast tot Zeveren is from an old strip by Jan van Haasteren, as is the Shark fin. Doesn't always come back, and is recognizable by his sideburns, black pants and blue jacket. You can see him at the bottom of the puzzle with another umbrella in his hand that was completely blown to pieces by the storm:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 3: The Fart

You also see the fart very often, I only added it later to my list of recurring elements in JvH puzzles. In this case, you see the chicken farting; a musical note appears:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 4: Shark fin

The shark fin is of course THE hallmark of a Jan van Haasteren puzzle, easy to find this time:
John-of-hurries-the-storm-recurring-element-shark fin

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 5: Krab

You almost always see the crab in all JvH puzzles, this time easy to find:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 6: Tax Official

I had some doubts about designating this gentleman as the Tax Official, but I noted him as such anyway – usually you will see 'Tax Official' on his briefcase:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 7: Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is quite stripped by the Storm, and if you look closely you can see his comrade or helper also clinging to the chimney:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 8: Plasters

I always like to look up all the plasters myself, and in this puzzle you will find no less than 6! Anyway, this one, and watch my video to find out all 6 of them:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 9: The hands

I don't look up all the hands, but they are all over the place and in the strangest places, just look for them yourself:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 10: Cigar

The cigar is often difficult to find, because it is rather small, but it can also be found in this puzzle:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 11: Fat woman

The fat woman can be recognized by her small ball hat on her head, the black curls and the red heels. I think she can be seen 4x in this puzzle, watch my video for all 4. There is almost always a small man dressed in a neat suit with her:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 12: Snake

The snake is in the tree this time, but also comes back very often, not always easy to find:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 13: Arrow

The arrow can be found twice in this puzzle, and in any case you can see it here, at the bottom left of the puzzle, through the hat:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 14: Cat or Kat

The cat is almost always on the hunt for a mouse or bird or fish, but this time the storm is much too strong and he has to survive:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 15: Bottle of drink and glass

The bottle of booze and the glass are also often returned, and you see it here, not very easy to find:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 16: Ghost

The ghost is also swept away by the storm, you can now see him flying very large through the sky:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 17: Toothpaste

The toothpaste and the toothbrush often go together, you can't see them very easily, but the toothpaste is there:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 18: Squid

The squid is of course indispensable, and you see the squid on the far left of the puzzle:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 19: The Bril

The goggles were hard to find and flying somewhere in the air, usually lying somewhere on the ground:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 20: Super snail

Supersnail always makes a happy and active impression and usually he does a running race with other animals, I think he likes the storm, because he is going really fast now:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 21: Police and Boef

Police and crook are often quite close to each other. In this case, you can see the crook quite clearly:
But I really had to look for the police, but because the postman is on top of him, he is difficult to recognize:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 22: Paper airplane

The paper airplane can be seen:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 23: Eyes

The eyes are often many and in the strangest places, now again, just look for them all:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 24: Periscope

Exceptionally, I saw the periscope 2x in this puzzle, of which this one was easy to find:
But this one was really hard to find, have you seen it yet??

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 25: Saw

The saw could really be anywhere in the puzzle, and now it's sawing through a wall:

Jan van Haasteren puzzle 'The Storm' - recurring element 26: Red striped cat behind pole

The red striped cat behind the pole also regularly returns in puzzles. You can still see the tail, but nothing more:

How big is the puzzle Jan van Haasteren 'The Storm' 1000 pieces?

This puzzle also has dimensions of 68 (width) by 49 (height). I made the puzzle on a puzzle mat of 1 meter 60 wide and 90 centimeters high.

How long will it take you to complete this 1000 piece puzzle?

I always start by explaining all the puzzle pieces on the puzzle mat. Then I turn them all well and immediately look for the straight edge pieces. Then I started laying the straight edges and all this together cost me:
45 minutes

Then I started putting the rest of the puzzle together. In total I have done this:
6 hours.

My end time on this whole puzzle is then:
6 hours + 45 minutes: say a little under 7 hours.
That's a little faster than I usually do on a JvH puzzle, which is usually about 8 hours. I must say that I had made it once before, but a few years ago. But hey, maybe that was still the case!

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books

This puzzle is in 1 or more search books by Jan van Haasteren. These are not only fun search books to search for recurring elements, you can also ideally use the image of this puzzle as an 'extra' large poster while puzzling! View the overview with our 'Jan van Haasteren search books'

About Jumbo puzzles

Jumbo (not to be confused with our supermarket Jumbo!) makes toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo, for example, has made the very well-known games such as “Human don't get annoyed” and “Stratego” and “PimPamPet”. Games that have been around for generations and are still widely played by both young and old. Jumbo has been making and developing toys since about 1900. In the early years of the company, only toys from other countries were imported to the Netherlands. However, since about 1930 it was decided to also make their own toys, at the time manufacturing wooden toys, which was very popular at the time. Almost all toys in those years were made of wood. An important spearhead was that the toys made by Jumbo had to be of very good quality; it had to be as strong as an Elephant. An elephant had to stand on it! The red elephant has been the hallmark of Jumbo's games and puzzles for years. The name Jumbo and the red elephant together form the logo from about 1935. The Jumbo elephant is drawn by Mr. Möhr. He worked at an advertising agency and regularly signed for Hausemann & Hötte. Mr Möhr was at one point commissioned to design a beautiful new elephant logo for the Hausemann & Hötte toys. The logo has changed a bit since then. For example, the eye has grown over the years and has dropped slightly more, resulting in a friendlier elephant.

In the past, the elephant was not only used in the color red, but in all kinds of colors such as blue, yellow, black, white and green. All those colors were cozy and playful. For example, one time there was a yellow elephant on the box and the other time a red one. It was usually looked at which color best matched the color of the box. It was not until the end of the 60s that the red elephant was definitively chosen. Red is a color that stands out and attracts attention.

From 1945 Jumbo also started to focus on games made of cardboard. Jumbo has therefore been a guarantee for strong quality for years! Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history, with its head office in Zaandam. About 130 employees work for Jumbo. With a turnover of €75 million, Jumbo is a medium-sized European player in toys. Jumbo has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. They export to more than 25 countries around the world.

In 1980 Jumbo starts the production of Jan van Haasteren Puzzles.

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Jan van Haasteren 'The Storm' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710126190012
Puzzle number 19001
Kind of product Puzzle
Puzzle theme Cartoon
Number of pieces 1000
Quality mark CE
Target audience Children and adults
Puzzle type Jigsaw puzzle
Brand Jumbo
Color Others
Material Board
Age From 10 years old

Reviews about this puzzle

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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces

I wrote the above review (December 2020). I had already made several JvH puzzles, but this one is very original, because once you have put the puzzle, you start looking for all the recurring elements again. And they are all blown away by the Storm! They also sometimes look different, so looking for them is very different and more difficult. It wasn't very difficult to put together, but I had made this puzzle before, maybe that made a difference after all. As far as I'm concerned maximum score, there are a lot of hidden fun and funny elements in it!

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