Puzzles drawn by Wilma van den Bosch

Wilma van den Bosch will be part of the as of 29 August 2022 Jan van Haasteren studio. Wilma was the first to make puzzles for the Jan van Haasteren studio, a series from the Junior puzzles, namely:
– The Snowman – 20081 – 150 Pieces
– The Sandbox – 20082 – 240 Pieces
– The Manege – 20083 – 360 Pieces
Besides the drawings he makes for the Jan van Haasteren Studio, Wilma also makes other drawings, caricatures and more. You will find all information about Wilma van den Bosch on her Instagram page. Wilma (born 1956) has been drawing in Stevensville, Canada, from an early age. Later drawing became her profession. She made comics and cartoons for the weekly magazine Donald Duck. She has drawn for Bobo, Tina, the Fabeltjeskrant, the Toonder Compagnie and she also created her own comic strip Princess Aster.

Characteristic elements by Wilma van den Bosch

In Wilma van den Bosch's puzzles you always see characteristic elements of her, just like you see in puzzles drawn by Jan van Haasteren. Wilma van den Bosch therefore returns the characteristic elements in the puzzles of Jan van Haasteren (squid, shark fin, Sinterklaas, super snail, the eyes, etc), but also draws her own specific characteristic elements, namely:
– a black hand that reads 'The black hand was here'

All recurring elements of Jan van Haasteren and Wilma van den Bosch

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List of puzzles made by Wilma van den Bosch – visual overview

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