King 'Amsterdam King's Day' 1000 pieces


If you are looking for the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day', then it's this one:
Willem Alexander and Maxima are depicted at the bottom left of the puzzle. I couldn't figure out what year this puzzle is from. That is not mentioned on King's website, nor on the puzzle box.

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What will you encounter when you have made this King jigsaw puzzle?

I have placed the puzzle on a puzzle mat, so that I can store it in a bowl in between, a puzzle in the living room is not always handy. I turned the puzzle pieces over and placed them on the puzzle mat. I have not sorted by color. It will look like this, ready to start:

I then started laying the edges and then I laid a large part of the sky. So my start looked like this:

The big black boat in the water with the yellow rim was also easy to lay, so I collected and laid those pieces too. Then I laid the Amsterdam houses, but that was very difficult, they look very similar! At a certain point I always grabbed the door for each piece to lay, but even that was sometimes difficult to find! They are all very small images. The nice thing about this jigsaw puzzle is that you make nice progress, it is not too difficult. But there are many images that are very similar.

What striking items did I find at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day'

I have explained a few striking and/or difficult items below. I ran into this while puzzling. Or I liked the elements in the puzzle, but mostly I found the elements below difficult when putting this jigsaw puzzle. Read on and see what I ran into!

Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - The Starry Rains

The star showers were very difficult, you couldn't quite distinguish which pieces belonged to which star rain. At the top right you have 1 star rain and below that 2x smaller star rain.

king-puzzle-1000-pieces-king-s-day-kingsday-starry rain

Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - The Lampposts

There are no fewer than four lampposts in this puzzle! Sometimes these lampposts are so small that you do not even recognize the lampposts on the pieces. It is also made difficult because there are still birds on the lampposts. And there are also more birds in this puzzle.....


Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - The Long Stone Bridge

I only put the long stone bridge towards the end of the puzzle. I found these pieces very difficult, because they are very similar. In addition, this bridge is still very long, and it runs through the entire puzzle. I just put this one last.


Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - The many Dutch flags

There are many Dutch flags on the puzzle. At some point I collected all the valg pieces together and then started laying the flags. Only later was I able to put the flags in the right place in the puzzle. I didn't count them exactly, but I think there are about 30 flags on the puzzle.


Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - The many Amsterdam houses

Fairly in the beginning of the jigsaw puzzle I put the houses in Amsterdam, but only towards the end of the puzzle I could completely finish it. It is very difficult to see which windows belong to which house. It's also all very small. But in the end doable!


Striking item at the King puzzle 1000 pieces 'King's Day' | King's Day' - All people on top of the bridge

A lot of people and very small drawn are all the people on the bridge in Amsterdam. They have a beautiful Queen's Day and sometimes they are very special dressed. And clearly they are having a lot of fun!


How big is the King puzzle King's Day | King's Day 1000 pieces?

The puzzle has a size of 68 centimeters (width) by 49 centimeters (height). That is actually the standard size of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

How long does it take to complete the King puzzle King's Day | King's Day 1000 pieces to lay?

I put King's jigsaw puzzle about the Amsterdam King's Day all by myself. I completed the puzzle over several days. I started by laying out all the puzzle pieces on a puzzle mat (puzzle mat measures 1,60 meters (wide) by 90 centimeters high - this is a Jumbo puzzle mat).

These pieces are not sorted by color but just explained and then I started to lay the edges. Over time, the puzzle then looked like this:

In the end it took me 13 hours. I kept track of time whenever I was on it. I made this puzzle in April 2020.
In between, we rolled it up a few more times in a puzzle mat:

And, of course, rolled back:

About King Puzzles

“King International, a unique manufacturer of puzzles and board games, is based in Zaandam, the Netherlands and we are inspired by a beautiful old chocolate factory where our office is located. Most of our products are produced in our factory in the Netherlands.

We have been selling board games and puzzles to customers all over Europe since 1970. We are therefore focused on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by always creating surprising high-quality lines with a perfect balance between an attractive price and top quality. At every step of our manufacturing process, we act with children and their parents in mind to create products that matter. Fun, emotions and learning skills are keywords in this process to create an excellent quality time for families.

We believe in making great products accessible to a wide audience and helping children and adults to have fun. Working with an enthusiastic and creative team that brings to life the expectations and aspirations of today's children and adults.”
(Source: Kinginternational website 'about us')

King 'Amsterdam King's Day' 1000 pieces - where to buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site Unfamiliar Buy now 8,39 (May 2020) Buy now 20,91 (May 2020) Buy now 5,99 (May 2020) Buy now 8,27 (May 2020) Buy now 19,95 (May 2020) Buy now 14,53 (May 2020) Buy now

King 'Amsterdam King's Day' 1000 pieces - Specifications

EAN 8710125051321
Puzzle number 05132
Kind of product Puzzle
Material Board
Quality mark CE
Number of pieces 1000
Target audience Children and adults
Age From 10 years old
puzzle theme Cartoon / drawing
Weight 600 gram
Brand King International
Color Multi / diverse

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Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 2 reviews
by i.smolders op Puzzle 1000 pieces
nice puzzle

nice puzzle to make, was a challenge because many pieces are similar to each other. sorry that 2 pieces were missing. never experienced!

by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces

I wrote the above review about the King's Day puzzle. Fun puzzle to put together, but difficult. Lots of little details. It took me a long time, and it was frustrating at times that you didn't get along with puzzling, sort of puzzler's block? That you really have to stop for a while and come back later to puzzle. But I don't mind, it's just a challenge. It's great that it's about King's Day. 4 out of 5 stars for me!

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  • October 28, 2021
    Nelly heyden - Indeed, a difficult puzzle, don't understand why they put those heads over the example, and to make matters worse, a piece of shit when it was finished

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