Largest jigsaw puzzle in the world 48000 Pieces – 'Travel Around The World' by Grafika

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More about this 48.000 piece puzzle - 'Travel Around The World'

This is the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world (in 2017 and 2018):
48.000 pieces form a world tour along all continents!

But which countries per continent do you visit?
1. North America:
Canada, USA
2. Central America:
3. South America:
Peru, Chile, Brazil
4. Europe:
Take a tour of Europe with stops in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Greece – and even Russia!
5. Africa:
Here you will visit Kenya and Egypt.
6. Asia:
You will pass Japan, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.
7. Oceania (Australia) and Antarctica can also be found on this XXL puzzle

What's in the Box - 'Travel Around The World'

Included in the box:
– 24 numbered plastic bags of 2000 pieces each.
You actually make a puzzle of 24 pieces (as with every XXL puzzle!) 2000 times. And then you put those 24 puzzles together. If you want to be the hardcore puzzler, then of course you mix all those 24 bags of pieces.
– 1 travel case of 100 liters
This is really a Grafika thing, this 100 liter suitcase is also with them puzzle of 54000 pieces 'Journey through Art'. Grafika indicates with the suitcase: go on a trip and visit all these countries yourself. You will receive the suitcase from us.
– 24 posters of 32 x 22 cm
This shows all individual countries / destinations
– 1 poster measuring 42 x 59 cm with a world map showing the locations of the individual puzzle images.

How big is this puzzle?

Dimensions: 7,68 meters x 2,04 meters. If you are going to make it, make sure you have enough space somewhere. And that you have a good surface to puzzle on. You can read dimensions of all kinds of other puzzles on my page 'Dimensions puzzles'.

How long will it take you to complete this puzzle?

If I look at how long it takes me to complete a 1000-piece puzzle by Jan van Haasteren, that is an average of 8 hours (read more detailed info on my page 'How long does a 1000 piece puzzle take?'). Suppose you do 8 hours * 48 (because, you make a puzzle of 48 pieces 1000x) = 384 hours. But: that is a fairly simple puzzle, so I think, do you want to make this puzzle that you can assume at least 600 hours (Ravensburger indicates for 42000 pieces you are busy for 500 hours). If you were going to make 'work weeks' of 40 hours, then you would be working 'full-time' for 15 weeks (dividing 600 hours by 40). That is at least 3,5 months. FYI: if you have time (and inclination!) to spare

A few videos to warm up!

1. Ivor Dekker from Harderwijk – June 23, 2018
There is no Youtube video of this, but there is an article in which a video of Ivor can be seen, which is on the Stentor website.

2. The puzzle hangs on the wall of a nursing home
Can you get some idea of ​​the size of the puzzle:

I couldn't find more videos. Very strange, for some reason this puzzle is made less? I was able to find many videos of all the other great puzzles. Unfortunately….

About this provider

EAN 3663384021992
Manufacturer code Unfamiliar
Brand Graphics
Number of pieces 48.000
Age From 12 years old
Weight 27 Kilo

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site 450,00 (Sept 2021) Buy now 449,00 (Sept 2021) Buy now 525,00 (Sept 2021) Buy now 449,00 (Sept 2021) Buy now


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