Largest Puzzle in the World to Buy – Grafika Puzzle 'Journey through Art' – 54.000 Pieces

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More about this 54000 piece puzzle - 'Journey through Art'

This is the largest puzzle in the world you can buy! It's not the biggest puzzle in the world ever made. That world record is in the name of supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

This puzzle is a journey through the world of art. You'll see over 50 paintings by artists ranging from Van Gogh to Klimt, Arcimboldo to Brueghel or Monet to Leonardo da Vinci – and of course the Mona Lisa is included too. You make a puzzle of people looking at an art gallery of the most famous paintings. You always place 1 painting and then you place it on another painting. This creates 1 very large puzzle.
To encourage you to visit the museums where the original works of art are displayed, the puzzle comes in a real travel suitcase: after assembling the puzzle you can visit the original paintings all over the world… a 100 liter suitcase! So you really get a suitcase with a capacity of 100 liters at home.
This puzzle was published on August 27, 2020 and this puzzle is (despite the almost 500 euros) very popular and is often sold out. This puzzle is sold in 26 countries.

What's in the box - Journey through Art?

There are 29 posters in the box:
– 27 posters show the different parts of the puzzle,
– 1 panoramic poster shows the whole puzzle and
– 1 poster shows the titles and names of the various artworks and artists.

How big is this puzzle?

Dimensions of this puzzle are 8,6 meters x 2,0 meters. If you are going to make it, make sure you have enough space somewhere. And that you have a good surface to puzzle on. You can read dimensions of all kinds of other puzzles on my page 'Dimensions puzzles'.

How long will it take you to complete this puzzle?

There is no information anywhere on how long a puzzle of 54000 pieces takes. If I look at how long it takes me to complete a 1000-piece puzzle by Jan van Haasteren, that is an average of 8 hours (read more detailed info on my page 'How long does a 1000 piece puzzle take?'). Suppose you do 8 hours * 54 (because you make about 8 times a puzzle of 1000 pieces) = 432 hours. But: that's a fairly simple puzzle. I now know that a puzzle of 42000 pieces takes about 500 hours. So: I would say that this puzzle of 54000 pieces will take you about 650 hours. Offff……..

A few videos to warm up!

1. Name: Peter Schubert (52 years old) – March 2021 – from Hallendorf (Germany)
It took him 4,5 months to make this puzzle on his own. He worked on it alone and spent 4-5 hours on it every day during the week (Monday to Friday). And then also 1x in the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) 12-14 hours.

However: Peter wanted this record recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. But – he missed 1 piece! No, every puzzler's nightmare. He went everywhere and even in the vacuum cleaner, but the pieces were not there. He then called the producer of the puzzle (Grafika) and subsequently received the last pieces sent to him. You can see that in this video:

Want to see lots of photos and read the whole story of Peter Schubert? Then view this website

About this provider

EAN 3663384509445
Manufacturer code Graphics-T-00944
Brand Graphics
Number of pieces 54.000
Age 12 Year
Weight 26 kilo

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site 470,00 (Sept 2021) Buy now Unknown (Sep 2021) Buy now


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