Photo puzzle HEMA 1000 pieces

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At HEMA you can have various photo puzzles made online. You can choose from the following options:

  • Have a children's puzzle made of wood with your photo on it (12 pieces)
  • Have a children's puzzle made in a box, this is A3 size (12 to 315 pieces)
  • Children's puzzle with your photo on it in 40 pieces or 117 pieces
  • Have a luxury photo puzzle made of 500 pieces
  • Have a luxury photo puzzle made of 1000 pieces


Since I show all 1000 piece puzzles on this website, I made a 1000 piece photo puzzle online at HEMA. As described at HEMA: a Luxury Photo Puzzle. AND: it is not explicitly mentioned, but you can only see it on the image on the HEMA puzzle photo page: You get a Ravensburger Photo Puzzle via the HEMA. You will also receive a box with your photo on the front, so that you know which puzzle is in the box. That looks so nice and neat, especially if you want to give this as a gift! The size of this puzzle is 70 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high.

Photo puzzle HEMA delivery time

The delivery time is very delayed during this period (October 2020) due to the Corona time. But normally the delivery time of their photo puzzle is 5 working days. Now due to Corona that is 30 working days delivery time. That is a long delivery time. I ordered it in Corona time, so I'm very curious how long this will really take. You can choose 'Pick up in store' or 'Delivery at home'.
Note: the delivery time is certainly not 30 working days, but 11 working days. I'm fine with this, I'm not in any rush to make this puzzle.

Photo puzzle HEMA shipping costs

If you are going to pick up the photo puzzle at a nearest HEMA store, you will of course have no shipping costs. If you have the photo puzzle delivered at home, you pay € 4,95 (October 2020). You also have:
– processing costs: 1 euro
See the total costs further down this page.

Photo puzzle HEMA discount

In principle you cannot get a discount on a photo puzzle, but if you are lucky, you can take advantage of a discount code month. At the time of this writing, there is a 10% discount on orders online from 30 euros in the month of October 2020. You must be a bit lucky if you happen to order in this month and can take advantage of this discount.

Photo puzzle HEMA and not satisfied?

The advantage is that HEMA even gives you a guarantee on photo puzzles, so if you are not satisfied, you can make the same photo puzzle again for free. If HEMA has taken a photo, you will of course receive a new photo puzzle for free.

Photo puzzle HEMA review

I ordered this photo puzzle myself, and you can watch the following video on how it works:

Making and ordering a photo puzzle is very simple. You enter the online environment of HEMA (, where you follow a number of steps. It all works very simply and simply and it is almost impossible to go wrong I would say. Prepare yourself well, so that you have already taken a photo and downloaded it on your laptop / computer / mobile.
In short, you follow the following steps:
1. You choose your background color
you can choose from 11 colors here. fine, I didn't like a colored background myself.
2. Add your photo
You can upload this photo from your computer / laptop / mobile.
Many options then: you can rotate, resize, move your photo.
3. Add text (if desired – optional)
I did take advantage of this, you have a reasonable choice of fonts and font size to choose from here. The only drawback I found was that you couldn't choose a background color behind your font, which would make it stand out better. TIP from the HEMA: in connection with cutting out the photo puzzle, make sure you place your texts at least 1 centimeter from the edges! This important info is not displayed very clearly, but is indicated somewhere in the top left of their editor behind an 'i' (information icon)
4. Edit your photo with: effects or correction or crop/rotate
Various options possible, and all works very simply
5. Choose a landscape or portrait photo
You can still choose your puzzle photo landscape or portrait. My tip, as an avid puzzler: a horizontal photo puzzle puzzles better, because with a standing photo puzzle you always have to reach up more when you are puzzling. You are normally at the bottom of a puzzle and then you are puzzling. It is also not for nothing that virtually no standing puzzles are published.

What's in the box of the HEMA Photo Puzzle?

You can of course also watch my unpacking video, but in the following photo you can also see what is in the box:
– 1 plastic bag containing the puzzle pieces
– also on paper in the plastic bag a small image of the photo that I uploaded to make my photo puzzle.

Photo puzzle HEMA 1000 pieces - Unpacking video

Today (November 3, 2020) I received the HEMA Photo Puzzle of 1000 pieces. And I also took a picture of the front of the box. On the box is a beautiful example photo of the photo puzzle that is in it:
Really faster than indicated on the HEMA website, there they talked about a delivery time of 30 working (!) days. I received the photo puzzle in 11 working days. Watch the unpacking video below. Sorry for the annoying table lamp that is sometimes in the picture, but unfortunately I can only unpack it 1 x
Suddenly I also saw that I had ordered a Ravensburger' photo puzzle through HEMA. I was actually not aware of that, because they don't explicitly state that on their website.
How were the costs built up:
– photo puzzle itself: 45 euros
– processing costs: 1 euro
– delivery costs: 4,95 euros
Total: 51,45 euros (October 2020)

Photo puzzle HEMA 1000 pieces - Explain puzzle on a puzzle mat

I then unpacked the puzzle and explained it on a JUMBO puzzle mat for 1000 pieces (that's this one Puzzle mat Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle mat Puzzle roll 1000 | 1500 | 2000 | 3000 Pieces). Watch the video about how this HEMA photo puzzle lies on this puzzle mat:

Photo puzzle HEMA 1000 pieces - What is the quality of the puzzle pieces?

When I went to explain the puzzle on the puzzle mat, I noticed that the puzzle pieces were very thin. Much thinner than I am used to from Jan van Haasteren's puzzles, they are much thicker. They do feel very smooth I must say. The downside is that they come off a bit easily.

Photo puzzle HEMA 1000 pieces - I'm starting to puzzle!

After explaining the pieces, I started making the HEMA photo puzzle. Very nice because I was able to personalize it, I'm on it myself with my favorite Jan van Haasteren puzzle! I started laying the edges, but it's so hard!!!! Whoa! I really have to puzzle piece by piece, because it's all the same color. I even dread that very large white area on the right side of my puzzle, how long will it take me?? So if you want to give someone such a photo puzzle as a gift, think about which photo you upload for your photo puzzle. It was hard for me, and I couldn't even figure it out with the edges… see my result (by the way, this 1000 piece photo puzzle fits just fine this JUMBO puzzle mat):
HEMA-photo puzzle-edges-laid-1

HEMA-photo puzzle-edges-laid-2

After the failed action of laying the edges, I started making the rest of the puzzle anyway - assuming I can fix the edges later. You see the first result of the puzzle:
As you can see I have this photo puzzle on a JUMBO puzzle mat made for 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 pieces.

As you can see, it's quite tricky, especially since all the edges are white. I still can't get the edges together properly. Poof, seems like quite a task! I really started with the easiest one – and that is the Anniversary box puzzle by Jan van Haasteren that I'm holding – but several pieces of the box in particular are very vague and that makes laying quite complex. It's nice that I'm also on the photo puzzle myself!

I'm quite advanced with my photo puzzle, but I did the easiest part and it went pretty smoothly. If you give someone a photo puzzle as a gift, remember that there are not too many colorless areas on it. As you can see, I still need to complete the white areas:

Arrrggghh, that's hard. I have developed a new puzzle technique for this, namely that I sort all the pieces by the shape, see the photo below. That works quite well, but sometimes it is trial-and-error. That is, I try each piece 1 by 1 to see if it fits somewhere, and then I try each piece 1 by 1 in the same place. Monks work! Disappoints me. And then I still have a second white square to go…….

I have arrived at the last white piece. Have to say this took me quite some time considering how quickly I was able to put the rest of this photo puzzle together. I have kept track of my total time, very curious how long it will take in total. But this is so difficult and sometimes very frustrating.

And finally it's done, but what a job!!! Don't be misled by those areas consisting of 1 color:

How long did it take me to complete the 1000-piece HEMA Photo Puzzle?

I always record the time I spend on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. On average, that's 8 hours. Some easy puzzles take me 6 hours, more difficult ones I take 9 hours. I also kept track of time for this photo puzzle, but it took me so long to work on those white pieces. That was almost no more puzzling, but more trial-and-error and fitting piece by piece. I was very disappointed. So before giving someone such a puzzle as a gift, give thanks.
But my time:

  • Explaining the puzzle on the puzzle mat: 20 minutes
  • Laying the edges: 40 minutes. Usually I do it shorter, but again here: those very difficult edges!
  • Laying the rest of the puzzle: 12,5 hours
  • Total time done on this Photo Puzzle: 13,5 hours!!

But with a nice result

Pros and cons HEMA Photo Puzzle 1000 pieces?


  • Online photo puzzle editor of the HEMA works very easily and simply
  • To make my photo puzzle I had enough modification options
  • Great puzzle quality
  • Making and ordering online works very fast. Basically you are done with everything within 5-10 minutes


  • Delivery time is a bit long: in my case 11 working days
  • NB: puzzle quality above as a plus: only that puzzle pieces are quite thin
  • I can imagine that some people may want more choice in the editor options. For example, more choice of fonts, or background colors. In my case I missed the background color choice when I was going to add text
  • Pricey perhaps? My costs were 45,00 euros with 4,95 euros shipping costs, makes a total of approximately 50 euros for a photo puzzle.

About this provider

Material Board
Number of pieces 1000
Age From 12 years old
Size 70 cm wide and 50 cm high
Sample photo on box? Ja
Shipping Yes, 4,95
Lead-time Normally 5 working days. Now (Corona): 11 working days

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site 51,45 (Oct 2020) Buy now


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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces

I wrote the above review (November 2020). I really liked this HEMA photo puzzle. Especially considering the entire process from making online to puzzling itself. Only small minus (today the 4 stars instead of 5 stars) are the very light puzzle pieces. I'm used to the thicker and heavier ones. Everything else ok, excellent print quality, as you are used to from HEMA!

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