Photo puzzle Primera 1000 pieces

At the Primera you can have various photo puzzles made online. You can choose from the following options:

  • Have a photo puzzle made of
  • Have a photo puzzle made of 30 pieces
  • Have a photo puzzle made of 120 pieces
  • Have a photo puzzle made of 500 pieces
  • Have a photo puzzle made of 1000 pieces


Since I show all 1000 piece puzzles on this website, I made a 1000 piece photo puzzle online at Primera. It was not entirely clear to me on the Primera website whether my photo would also be on the front of the box in which the puzzle is delivered. It says on their website “The puzzle comes with the preview image by default”. I then asked this question to their customer service and it turns out that: “the puzzle comes in a bag and this puzzle comes in a shipping box.” That was the reply from Customer Service.

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Photo puzzle Primera delivery time

The delivery time of the Primera puzzle seems to be lightning fast. Namely 'Ordered before 16.00 p.m., delivered tomorrow'. I'm really curious if we're going to get that, we'll see.

Photo puzzle Primera shipping costs

The shipping costs remain unknown for a long time if you want to order the photo puzzle via their website. These costs are only known at the very end of your ordering process, and they are the following:

  • Order online and have it delivered: 4,95 euros
  • Order online and Pick up in store costs 1,95

I'm still a bit surprised that shipping costs are charged for 'pick up in store'? So keep in mind that those costs will add up.

Photo puzzle Primera discount

I have not been able to find anything about discount codes or special offers at Primera. I'm afraid the item 'discount' is out of the question here.

Photo puzzle Primera review

I ordered this photo puzzle myself, and you can watch the following video on how it works:

Making and ordering a photo puzzle at Primera is still a bit of an investigation. Prepare yourself well, so that you have already taken a photo and downloaded it on your laptop / computer / mobile.
You enter the online environment of the Primera, where you have various choices. You have 3 tabs at the top left with the names: 'Design', 'Photo' and 'Text'.
In itself, all choices are very nice, but this also means more options that you have more time to make all kinds of choices and that you spend more time figuring out how it all works. Every advantage has its disadvantage I would say. One person will like these many options and the other will not. I thought there were a bit too many options.
With the designs to be chosen, you can choose from all kinds of different designs that Primera offers. Not only can you make real photo puzzles, but there are also options to paste 1 or more photos on a ready-made design. And then paste custom texts in it again. With the Designs you can choose from:
– Collage
– Anniversary
– Christmas
- Mothers Day
– Grandpa
- Sorry
– Father's Day
- Summer
For example, under 'Christmas' you can choose this option:
I don't like these kinds of options myself, but if there is a design that you like then that is of course perfect. However, you can also choose the 'simplest option and that is the 'photo only' design:
As you can see, you can also choose to add text in the box next to it. Also when adding your text you get quite a lot of options, such as: Background color, size, font, tilt, center or align left/right.

Pros and cons Primera Photo Puzzle 1000 pieces?


  • Lots of options when designing your photo puzzle (texts, multiple photos)
  • Large choice of a number of standard designs


About this provider

Material Super sturdy cardboard mix
Number of pieces 1000
Age From 10 years old
Size 68 centimeters wide and 44 centimeters high
Sample photo on box? No
Shipping 4,95. Pick up in store costs 1,95
Lead-time Ordered before 16 p.m. tomorrow at home

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site 34,95 (Oct 2020) Buy now


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