Jumbo Portapuzzle Deluxe Puzzle Folder – 1000 Pieces

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About the Jumbo Puzzle Case Deluxe Puzzle Folder 1000 Pieces

I bought this Jumbo Puzzle Case Deluxe 1000 Pieces Puzzle Folder for 36,99 euros in December 2020 via Bol.com. The puzzle folder has a size of
– 79 centimeters wide and
– 54 centimeters high.
The packaging itself states that the puzzle folder:
– is 73 centimeters wide and
– 51 centimeters high,
however it says 'About':
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-small-photo-size-puzzles
If you measure it exactly, which I did in the unpacking video below, the dimensions of the puzzle folder are significantly larger. Will a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle fit here? Yes, the standard dimensions of these two puzzle sizes are:
– 1000 pieces puzzle = 68 centimeters wide and 49 centimeters high
– 500 pieces puzzle = 49 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high
The dimensions of the 1000-piece Ravensburger puzzles also fit on this puzzle folder, because these dimensions are:
– 1000 pieces puzzle = 70 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high
NB: Will this fit a 1500 piece puzzle? No, because the dimensions of a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle are:
– 90 wide and 60 centimeters high (JvH and Wasgij) ((this puzzle map is 79 wide and 54 high))
– 80 wide and 60 centimeters high (Ravensburger) ((this puzzle map is 79 wide and 54 high))
Do you want to know dimensions or sizes of all puzzles of all pieces? Then view my page 'dimensions puzzles'

What's in the box of the Jumbo Portapuzzle Deluxe Puzzle Folder 1000 Pieces

What's in the box is not that exciting, namely 1 Jumbo puzzle folder:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-photo-top-with-cover

Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-picture-top
However, if you open the puzzle folder, there are still two separate puzzle sheets in it, which you place from the puzzle folder to put your puzzle pieces on it. So you actually have 3 sheets at your disposal to puzzle:
– on 1 sheet you put the puzzle – this is the 'fixed' sheet
– on 1 loose leaf that you place next to the puzzle folder – for example to the left of your puzzle folder, you put puzzle pieces
– on 1 other loose leaf that you place next to the puzzle folder – for example to the right of your puzzle folder, place puzzle pieces.
You see the two puzzle sheets here – I have put them here from the puzzle folder, because that's how you will also puzzle with them:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-puzzle sheets-explained
And a photo as you take it out of the packaging, then the two puzzle sheets are in the puzzle folder:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-puzzle sheets

Jumbo Portapuzzle Deluxe Puzzle Folder 1000 Pieces - Other Elements

Also worth mentioning are two elements of this Jumbo puzzle case for 500 and 1000 pieces, namely:
- The handle:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-handle
This handle is of course useful to move or put away the puzzle case to another place in your house, if you have stored your puzzle in this puzzle folder.
– The 2 zippers:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle folder-picture-top-2-zippers
You can easily zip up the puzzle folder using the 2 zippers on the puzzle folder. 1 zipper is to the left of the handle and the other zipper is to the right of the handle.

Jumbo Portapuzzle Deluxe Puzzle Folder 1000 Pieces - unpacking the box

I made an unpacking video of this JUMBO Portapuzzle puzzle folder for a 500 or 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle:

Explaining the puzzle

I am going to make a 1000 piece Jan van Haasteren puzzle with this puzzle folder. It's the puzzle'The playground'. That's this puzzle:

How do you put your puzzle pieces together?

Since I was going to puzzle the first time with a puzzle folder (quite a puzzle mat fan!), I didn't know exactly where to put the puzzle pieces. I started to put the pieces of the puzzle and this is how I did it:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle Folder–1000-Pieces-Pieces-Laid.
However, then it occurred to me that if I put the pieces in this way (ie also pieces on the top 'flap' of the puzzle folder), I can't close it. Because then the pieces will fall off for sure! And this is also not useful when you start puzzling, because then you can't see the puzzle pieces at the top very well! So: this is NOT the way to explain the pieces. Side note: unless you don't mind if the puzzle pieces are fairly far away while puzzling. I don't like this. So, what's the solution? Several:
– you are going to put the puzzle pieces that are at the top in the box and you puzzle from there (I don't think it's a nice option, because you don't see the puzzle pieces well; however, some people like that, I know by now)
– you are just going to put the puzzle pieces on the floor or table around it. The disadvantage of this is that you have to 'store' these pieces if you are going to move your puzzle or temporarily clean it up. Here again a few options: you put the pieces in the box or you put the pieces on the 2 separate sheets. In the latter case you have to sort the pieces again when you start puzzling and I think that a lot of pieces will fall into your puzzle folder, because these are not 'clamped' to the loose mat of the puzzle folder. I choose to just put the puzzle pieces in the box when I'm going to move it.
FYI - I also took a picture of all the pieces I explained and with the box on the puzzle mat. You get a good idea of ​​the size of the puzzle folder. Spacious enough for a 1000 piece puzzle:
Jumbo-Portapuzzle-Deluxe-Puzzle Folder–1000-Pieces-Pieces-laid-with-box-playground-included

I also made a photo of how you should / can explain the puzzle pieces, where you do not put the puzzle pieces on the top part of the puzzle folder. You then put this in the puzzle box or just somewhere on the floor/table. I now have a photo where you puzzle out of the box:

Video about explaining the puzzle pieces in this Jumbo puzzle folder

I also made a video about how I explained the puzzle pieces and the pros and cons of this:

Storing the Jumbo Puzzle Folder

How does it work if you want to store this Jumbo Portapuzzle folder? You should in any case make sure that you can place the pieces that you have not been able to place somewhere on a mat of this puzzle folder, that you put them in the box of the puzzle, for example. Or that you 'sprinkle' it over 1 of the 2 separate mats that are included. I find this inconvenient myself, since you have to explain these pieces again the next time you want to start puzzling. Furthermore, it works very simply; you place the 2 loose sheets on top of the puzzle you have made, then zip up your puzzle folder and you are done. That is very convenient and fast. By the way, the puzzle folder is not heavy and easy to transport, except that someone may find it a bit on the large side.

Storing this Jumbo puzzle folder

What I described above, I also show again in the video below:

Quality of the puzzle map

I think the quality of the Porta puzzle folder is very good. And I'm talking specifically about how easy it is to move the puzzle pieces on the background of the puzzle map. The pieces are both easy to slide and easy to stay on the ground. You have the optimal options for both. I made a video about this, and then you can see for yourself how easily you can move a whole set of puzzle pieces on this puzzle folder:

Pros and cons of the JUMBO puzzle folder


  • Good sturdy puzzle folder of both the inside and the outside, of good material. Seems to be some kind of leather on the outside of the puzzle folder
  • Pieces slide very easily from left to right, up and down on the puzzle folder
  • Pieces remain when you store and move the puzzle map
  • Handy loose sheets (2 pieces) on which you can put your other puzzle pieces and start puzzling
  • Two zippers that easily open and close the puzzle folder
  • Handle of course: sturdy handle so that you can easily take and move the puzzle folder


  • I personally think the puzzle folder is quite large (79 centimeters wide and 54 centimeters high). You can easily take it with you, but it takes up a lot of space
  • Not all pieces of a puzzle of 1000 pieces can be placed on all pages of the puzzle map. Well, you can, but then you use the top sheet. However, then the pieces are far away to puzzle AND you have to put the pieces back in the box when you put the puzzle folder away
  • Pricey? That's very subjective. Perhaps you should compare this of 37 euros with a puzzle mat (about 22 euros for a puzzle of up to 3000 pieces)? But this is partly comparing apples and oranges

About this provider

Size puzzle folder 79 centimeters wide and 54 centimeters high
Weight 2 kilo
Brand Jumbo
EAN 8710126011119
Quality mark CE
Material Leather (exterior) and fabric (the loose 'plates')
Loose puzzle sheets? Yes, 2 pieces
For which puzzles? 500 and 1000 pieces
Handle? Yes, present
Color Black (exterior)
Closing folder By means of two zippers

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
Bol.com 40,90 (Dec 2020) Buy now
amazon.nl 40,90 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Alternate.nl 44,99 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Wehkamp.nl 47,95 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Blokker.nl Unknown (Dec 2020) Buy now
Intertoys.nl 47,99 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Toychamp.nl 49,99 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Depuzelgigant.nl 52,99 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Playpuzzle.nl 54,95 (Dec 2020) Buy now
toyprice.nl 54,97 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Dreamland.be 45,95 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Popshopcorry.nl 57,95 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Jigsaw Puzzles.nl 44,95 (Dec 2020) Buy now
Globos.nl 43,99 (Dec 2020) Buy now


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Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Great puzzle mpa or puzzle case from Jumbo

Good experiences with this puzzle folder. However, I often notice that you have two camps; the puzzle mat group and the puzzle map group. Find out what you personally like better. The quality of this puzzle case is excellent. Sturdy and good material. Puzzles nicely.

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