OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' Puzzle Folder – 1500 Pieces

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About the OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces

I bought this OKELO puzzle folder or puzzle case called 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' on diamant-plein.nl in May 2021 for 39,95 euros. This puzzle folder has a size of:
– 90 centimeters wide
– 64 centimeters high
This is shown visually:
OKELO Portable Puzzle Board Comfort Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces top -1
NB-1: The dimensions indicated on the cardboard box containing the Okelo puzzle folder differ from the actual dimensions of this puzzle folder. On the cardboard box you see this:
The actual dimensions differ from the numbers on the cardboard packaging box. Watch my unpacking video further down this page, so you can see that I measure the puzzle folder in terms of dimensions.

NB-2: this is quite a bit bigger than the Okelo puzzle folder for puzzles of up to 1000 pieces, which had the dimensions:
– 80 centimeters wide
– 56 centimeters high

This puzzle map looks like this:
OKELO Portable Puzzle Board Comfort Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces Top

I bought these in black, I haven't seen anywhere that you can order them in another color (May 2021).

If you measure exactly how big this puzzle folder is - does a 1000 or 1500 piece puzzle fit on this? Yes, the standard dimensions of these two puzzle sizes are:
– 1000 pieces puzzle = 68 centimeters wide and 49 centimeters high
– 1500 pieces puzzle = 90 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high
The dimensions of the 1500-piece Ravensburger puzzles also fit on this puzzle folder, because these dimensions are:
– 1500 pieces puzzle = 80 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high
Do you want to know dimensions or sizes of all puzzles of all pieces? Then view my page 'dimensions puzzles'

What's in the box of the OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces

What's in the box is the following:
– the puzzle map itself
– there are 2 loose sheets in the puzzle folder

About the puzzle folder itself: I don't know exactly what material the puzzle folder is made of, but it feels somewhat hard and sturdy.

If you open the puzzle folder, there will be two separate puzzle sheets in it, which you place from the puzzle folder to put your puzzle pieces on it. So you actually have 3 sheets at your disposal to puzzle:
– on 1 sheet you put the puzzle – this is the 'fixed' sheet
– on 1 loose leaf that you place next to the puzzle folder – for example to the left of your puzzle folder, you put puzzle pieces
– on 1 other loose leaf that you place next to the puzzle folder – for example to the right of your puzzle folder, place puzzle pieces.
You see the two puzzle sheets here – I have put them here from the puzzle folder, because that's how you will also puzzle with them:

And a photo as you take it out of the packaging, then the two puzzle sheets are in the puzzle folder:

OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces - Other Elements

Also worth mentioning are three elements of this OKELO puzzle case for 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces, namely:
– the Velcro straps
There are 3 Velcro straps, with which you can fasten the various parts of the puzzle folder together. Here you can see where these Velcro straps are:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-2-x-Velcro-side-1-x-Velcro-top-with-arrows

This is easy. Except that it can make quite a bit of noise. The Velcro straps are quite sturdy, which has the advantage that they stay in place. You have to apply a little bit of force to get them open. Here's a close-up of 1 of the Velcro straps - this is one of the two Velcro straps on the sides:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-Velcro
Where are these Velcro straps?
So there are two Velcro strips on both sides of the puzzle folder and there is 1 Velcro strip on the top of the puzzle folder. With these Velcro straps you close the puzzle folder well and you can transport it. The disadvantage 'may' be that there is no handle on the puzzle folder.

- the zipper
There is also a zipper with this puzzle folder. You can see the zipper here in the photo:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-zipper-visible
Where is the zipper located? You can see in the photo from above where the zipper sees:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-all-open-open-zipper
What is the function of this zipper? The zipper actually makes this puzzle folder multifunctional. You have two options with this puzzle map:
1. You leave the two parts of the puzzle map together. So you leave the zipper closed. In this case you make use of the possibility that you can tilt the puzzle folder and this is a nicer position for puzzling.
2. You unzip the two parts of the puzzle folder. In this case you will not use the option to tilt this puzzle map. You then 'just' puzzle on 3 separate puzzle sheets, as you actually have with all other puzzle folders.

– the 'standard' (hard iron bar)
It looks like this from above:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-iron-rod-visible
And this one looks like this up close:
And this is what it looks like when you have placed the iron bar under your puzzle folder:
Okelo-puzzle folder-1000-pieces-iron-rod-standing-close-up
This stand is a small hard iron holder / rod. You can use this, which is handy, because it gives a little more firmness if you set up the puzzle folder in such a way that you puzzle at an angle. The advantage of this is that the puzzle folder will be a little more stable. As you can see in my video, the kickstand does provide support in the center, but not on the sides of the puzzle map.

Note: As you can see, this puzzle map does not have a handle that allows you to pick up the puzzle map when you want to move it or take it somewhere.

OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' Puzzle Folder 1500 Pieces - unpacking the box

I made an unpacking video of this OKELO 'Portable Puzzle Board Comfort' puzzle folder for a 500 or 1000 or 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle:

And forgot something at the unpacking video

Assembling the OKELO puzzle folder

NB: The videos below contain the instructional videos of the Okelo puzzle folder for up to 1000 pieces, but everything is exactly the same for the Okelo puzzle folder for up to 1500 pieces, which is why I did not make a new video for this. But if you notice it, then you know that everything is the same for the Okelo 1500 piece puzzle folder.
As you have already read above, you can use this puzzle map in two ways:
1. You're going to do a 'diagonal' puzzle
In this case, you use the zipper, you leave it stuck and you put an elevation under the puzzle map, as it were. You support the slanting puzzle folder with the iron rod that comes with it. I made the following video about this:

2. You are not going to puzzle 'obliquely'
There is another zipper with this puzzle folder and you can therefore just puzzle on the floor (so not at an angle). In this case it will be a regular puzzle folder, where you will receive 1 extra puzzle sheet. However, if you are going to put pieces on this extra puzzle sheet, you have to put those pieces back in the box, because otherwise you cannot store your puzzle in the puzzle folder; and that's what it's meant for, a puzzle map 🙂 You can see this in the following video:

Explaining the puzzle

I made a video of THE big advantage of buying a bigger puzzle folder when you make a 1000 piece puzzle: you can put all the pieces in your puzzle folder, so you don't have to put them in the box and therefore do not sort them again (turn around):

On an image you can see what that looks like, further on you can see how easily you can store such a puzzle folder and then immediately start puzzling again. By the way, I have the Jan van Haasteren Sinterklaas arrival puzzle created on this puzzle map:
puzzle pieces_explained_on_the_okeelo_puzzlemap_to_maximum_1500_pieces-600-444

Storing the OKELO Puzzle Folder

To experience whether and how much the puzzle pieces shift when you put your puzzle away, I did a test for this in the video below. Conclusion: pieces stay put quite well. You can't prevent pieces from shifting a bit, but very few pieces are flipped. The disadvantage is that there is no handle on the Okelo puzzle folder, which makes lifting and moving a bit more difficult:

Turn off or start using the OKELO Puzzle Folder

And then you can see how the puzzle pieces have shifted or moved in the puzzle map. And you'll see how you can start using the puzzle map again. I still find it a bit tricky when you have to put it back together. You must have done that several times:

Quality of the puzzle map

The quality of the puzzle map is fine. I mainly look at whether the puzzle pieces stay put or shift. As you saw in the videos above, the puzzle pieces will stay in place if you move the puzzle map. Even when you are doing puzzles, the surface is made of fine material. The puzzle pieces are easy to slide when you puzzle. You are also not bothered by puzzle pieces getting caught behind wires or the like when you move them. Furthermore, the Okelo puzzle folder comes across as being made of sturdy material.

Pros and Cons of the OKELO Puzzle Map


  • Especially the position in which you puzzle, because of the tilt of the puzzle folder you have a nice puzzle position, you bend less for your back
  • It is a solid puzzle folder, made of strong and sturdy material
  • Iron bar gives just some support when you puzzle in the oblique position
  • Two separate puzzle sheets are handy, possibly even 3 are possible
  • Puzzle pieces absolutely stay put when you transport the map
  • Price is comparable to similar puzzle folders for puzzles up to 1500 pieces
  • All puzzle pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle fit on this puzzle folder including the puzzle sheets, I think that is a very big plus!


  • If you are going to make a puzzle of 1500 pieces on this, then NOT all pieces will fit on this puzzle folder and puzzle sheets. I think that's a disadvantage, but it may not apply to everyone
  • Decent noise from the Velcro straps you open (how bad is that (?))
  • Lack of a handle to easily transport and pick up the puzzle folder
  • It may still be unclear how to use and/or reassemble this puzzle folder (why is that zipper there?) if you just bought it, there was no clear manual with it, you have it above, I have it myself have to invent

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
Puzzle-plein.nl 39,95 (Aug 2021) Buy now
Bol.com Unfamiliar Buy now


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Puzzle 1000 pieces
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by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces

I wrote the above review and made the puzzle Sinterklaas arrival on this Okelo puzzle folder in June 2021. I really liked it, especially easy sliding of pieces. Also in comparison with other puzzle folders, an excellent price-quality ratio

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