Hema Puzzle Glue – 2×30 ML

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About the Hema Puzzle Glue 2x30 ML - unpacking video

I bought this HEMA puzzle glue in a HEMA store for 1,50 euros in October 2021. I made an 'unpacking' video of this:

If you look at how the tubes are in the package; it is two tubes of 30 ML each. I have no idea why it comes in 2 tubes, maybe for better shelf life? My experience is that for 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces you need about 60 ML of puzzle glue. So you can easily lubricate 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces with these two tubes from HEMA. Each tube is approximately 12 inches high. The images – of which I had already extracted the top one, so it looks a bit sloppy. HEMA calls this a glue pen, and you can use it for 'gluing paper and cardboard' – as HEMA describes it on the glue tube:
HEMA puzzle glue in the packaging
And on this image you see the 2 tubes, each of 30 ML. So they are about 12 centimeters high:
HEMA puzzle glue 2 tubes 2x30 ML

The HEMA Puzzle Glue 2x30 ML - how do you use the tube?

Using the tube is easy, you unscrew the cap and you can squeeze the tube and then the glue comes out. Here you can see when the cap is turned off:
Hema puzzle glue and cap off
NOTE: if you are going to smear the puzzle with the puzzle glue, you will still need a brush to spread the glue over the puzzle!
I used a fairly standard paintbrush:
Hema puzzle glue with a brush

The HEMA Puzzle Glue 2x30 ML - how do you apply the glue to the puzzle?

You spread the puzzle glue over the front of the puzzle (not the back) and make sure that the glue gets well between the puzzle pieces. You can first spread the glue over the entire puzzle and then spread it over the puzzle with a brush. The advantage is that a small amount of glue comes out through the narrow 'point' at the top of the plastic bottle of the puzzle glue. You can see that narrow point at the top here:
Hema puzzle glue and the thin opening
With this you can very conveniently teach the glue, especially useful if you want to glue a puzzle. See also the following video:

How many puzzles of 1000 pieces can you lubricate with this puzzle glue?

In principle, you can follow as a rule: to lubricate 2 puzzles of 1000 pieces you need about 100 ML of puzzle glue. But of course there can be differences. Not only depending on the quality of the glue, but also on how much and where you put the glue on the puzzle. With this HEMA puzzle glue you have access to 60 ML puzzle glue, so that is enough for 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces. As you can see in the videos on this page, I'm making a 150-piece jigsaw puzzle. If I calculate it, then you can certainly get 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces if you have bought these 2 tubes of puzzle glue. In this case, it was enough for me to smear the puzzle 1x with puzzle glue. It is certainly not strange if you have to apply your puzzle glue a second time over the puzzle.
As you can see I only used 1/3 of a 30 ML tube for a 150 piece puzzle – where the black line is:
Hema puzzle glue reached how far
If you calculate this, you can easily rub a puzzle of 500 pieces with 1 tube of 30 ML

What does the back of the pack look like - what does it say?

Not a lot of extra info on the back. It glues paper and cardboard. Glue stains can be removed, but the glue must not have dried yet. Handy to know I'd say

How is this puzzle glue delivered?

I did not order this puzzle glue online, but simply bought it at a HEMA branch. It probably won't be much different online. The 2 tubes are in a package. If you still want to order online, you have no delivery costs if you order from 25 euros or higher. With online orders up to 25 euros you pay (October 2021) 3,95 euros shipping costs.

What is the quality of this puzzle glue?

I like him very much! I only had to grease the puzzle once and as you can see in the video below, the puzzle is firmly put together. I let the puzzle glue dry for about 1-1 hours. For this price I think this is a very good puzzle glue. Here's an image of the 1,5-piece puzzle that's been glued together:
Glued puzzle of 150 pieces with Hema puzzle glue
By the way, Hema doesn't call it puzzle glue, but hobby glue. That's right, you can use it for gluing paper and cardboard. See how the puzzle is properly attached with the puzzle glue in the following video:

About this provider

Content 2x30ML
Brand HEMA
Bus type Small plastic vans without a sponge
Shelf life after opening Very long, close well!
How many puzzles to glue 1 puzzle of 1000 pieces

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
HEMA.nl 1,50 (Oct 2021) Buy now


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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 2 reviews
by Sigrid op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Very clear!

Very nice video for the puzzle lover. I'm going to do a puzzle with this glue for the first time. Very well and clearly explained and fun to listen to and watch, thank you! I am very curious about the result.

by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Top Glue!

I wrote the above review in October 2021. I started trying the HEMA puzzle glue. Very good and very simple. Excellent value for money. For only 1,50 euros you can glue your puzzle of 1000 pieces.

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