What is a Puzzle Mat?

A puzzle mat is a thin mat of fabric or a kind of felt, with which you roll up your puzzle around a cardboard tube. Then you put two elastic bands around it and then you can roll up your puzzle and put it somewhere else in your house.

How does a puzzle mat work?

The format of a puzzle mat is very important. For example, you have a puzzle mat that is 118 centimeters long and 66 centimeters high. This puzzle mat is for example for puzzles of 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces. Suppose you want to make a puzzle of 1000 pieces on this puzzle mat. The puzzle itself has a size of 69 centimeters long and 48 centimeters high. that fits perfectly on this puzzle mat. You then start by laying out all your pieces on the puzzle mat. However: often not ALL the pieces fit on the puzzle mat. Usually you can put the puzzle on the puzzle mat, but many pieces will be outside the puzzle mat. If you don't mind this, there's no problem. For example, if you take your other puzzle pieces from a box. Or if you keep your puzzle pieces in puzzle trays. Or something similar. However, if you puzzle like I do, and you put your puzzle pieces around the puzzle mat, then you have to put all the puzzle pieces that did NOT fit on the puzzle mat again in your box. If you want to start puzzling again after a few days, then you have to put your puzzle pieces from your box right again or turn them over. That will cost you some extra time. That's good for you to know. If you find the latter annoying (like me), then you should clearly buy a much larger puzzle mat for a puzzle of 1000 pieces. Know everything about this?
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Which puzzle mat is the best

That's difficult to say, especially read my text above about 'How does a puzzle mat work', because it depends on how you like to puzzle, and which puzzle mat fits best. Furthermore: on this website I make a review of every puzzle mat for puzzles of 1000 pieces, so that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each puzzle mat. And handy: you can see exactly where you can buy which puzzle mat online for the cheapest price. Ultimately, the price-quality ratio is always important.
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What does a puzzle mat cost

I'm going to assume a puzzle mat of 1000 pieces. You can then roughly choose between prices ranging from 14 to 42 euros (October 2020). I am talking about puzzle mats, not puzzle boards, for example. The more expensive variants of puzzle mats are often for puzzles of 1000 to 3000 pieces.
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Puzzle mat where to buy

Where you can buy puzzle mats, I mention per puzzle mat. you then have a nice overview. And I name the pluses and minuses per puzzle mat. did you buy one yourself? Then give a review later via this website, then other puzzlers will also benefit if they want to buy a puzzle mat! The advantage is that a puzzle mat is not very expensive and lasts a long time.
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Is a puzzle mat useful

A puzzle mat is certainly useful, because you can make your puzzles over several days, without a puzzle for other housemates or visitors getting in the way. You don't want to have to put your whole puzzle back in the box half finished. Then the puzzle mat offers a solution: you roll the puzzle around it and the next time you can simply unroll the puzzle and continue puzzling! A puzzle mat is very easy to use, so that is also useful.

Where can you buy puzzle mats?

Puzzle mats are available from many suppliers, both in a store, but you can also order them directly online. Would you like to see some overview pages? We have the following overview:
Blocker Puzzle Mats | Intertoys puzzle mats | Jumbo puzzle mats | Kruidvat puzzle mats | Ravensburger puzzle mats

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