Puzzle mat Jumbo 'Puzzle & Roll Puzzle mat Puzzle roll 500 | 1000 | 1500 Pieces'

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About the JUMBO Puzzle Mat 'Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat Puzzle Roll 500 to 1500 Pieces'

I bought this JUMBO puzzle mat via Bol.com for 14,99 euros in October 2020. This JUMBO puzzle mat is suitable for:

  • 500 piece puzzles
  • 1000 piece puzzles
  • 1500 piece puzzles

The puzzle mat has a size of 118 centimeters (length) x 66 centimeters (height). As an indication of the dimensions of standard puzzles:

  • A 500 piece puzzle is: 49 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high
  • A 1000 piece puzzle is: 68 centimeters wide and 49 centimeters high
  • A 1500 piece puzzle is: 90 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high

In an image the size and dimensions of this puzzle mat

Puzzle Mat Jumbo Puzzle Roll Puzzle Mat Puzzle Roll 500 and 1000 and 1500 Pieces

The above again in table: which puzzle fits on this Jumbo puzzle mat?

Number of Pieces Dimensions Puzzle Dimensions Jumbo Puzzle Mat
500 49 cm wide x 45 cm high 118 cm wide x 66 cm high
1000 68 cm wide x 49 cm high 118 cm wide x 66 cm high
1500 90 cm wide x 60 cm high 118 cm wide x 66 cm high
2000 98cm wide x 68cm high (DOES NOT FIT) 118 cm wide x 66 cm high

If you would like to see other puzzle sizes, please see our page 'Puzzle dimensions'. As you can see, a maximum of puzzles of 90 x 60 centimeters fit on this puzzle mat, which is the standard size of a puzzle of 1500 pieces. White lines indicate exactly where you can make the jigsaw puzzle on the puzzle mat, depending on the number of pieces of puzzle you make. I made a puzzle of 1000 pieces, a Jan van Haasteren puzzle, called 'Cabinet of Curiosities'. This puzzle is in the box with another puzzle, which is 'Rembrandt's Atelier' and this box is called 'A day at the museum'

What's in the box of the JUMBO puzzle mat for 500 - 1000 and 1500 pieces?

I took exact pictures of the contents of the Jumbo puzzle mat for 1000 pieces of puzzles. The first is the photo with the 3 tubes that you slide together, with the puzzle mat as it is folded in the box and the box itself:
JUMBO-Puzzle mat-1000-pieces-box-with-contents

This is the photo with the puzzle mat explained and all other contents of the box:
JUMBO-Puzzle mat-1000-pieces-box-with-contents-puzzle-mat-explained

JUMBO Puzzle Mat 1000 Pieces - Part 1 - Unpacking the Puzzle Mat

In the video below you can see how I will unpack the puzzle mat. And what's in the package. The box contains successively:
– 3 parts of a cardboard tube. You can easily slide these 3 parts together. At two ends of the cardboard tube there are white plastic caps that you can remove if necessary. Basically you don't use it unless you keep your puzzle pieces in the cardboard tube instead of the puzzle box.
– 2 elastic bands, which you use when you roll up the puzzle. You put these elastic bands around the puzzle mat and the tube. The puzzle mat is then nicely rolled up around the cardboard tube.
– The puzzle mat itself, of course. The puzzle mat has a size of 118 centimeters (length) x 66 centimeters (height)

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - Part 2 - Pieces are on the puzzle mat

After unpacking the puzzle mat, I started to explain the pieces of the Jan van Haasteren puzzle of 1000 pieces on the JUMBO puzzle mat. As you can see, the pieces do not all fit on the puzzle mat itself, but many puzzle pieces are placed outside the puzzle mat. You mainly put the puzzle itself on the puzzle mat and the JvH puzzle is 69 centimeters wide by 48 centimeters high. It also fits well, and I'm going to place it within the white edges on the puzzle mat. I personally find the disadvantage when you roll up the puzzle in the puzzle mat, that you then have to put the remaining pieces back in the box and have to explain them again the next time. That will cost you some extra time. I personally don't like it that much, but it is of course an option if you don't mind. I also know that some people don't put their puzzle pieces on the floor like I do, but keep those pieces in puzzle trays or on puzzle sheets, for example. Then you don't have to turn over all the other pieces again. You can also see that the puzzle mat has some bumps, because it was folded in the box. As far as I'm concerned, it's not that bad, but if you still suffer from it, I'll show you a tip on how to solve this further down this page.

Quality of the puzzle mat

The material of the puzzle mat is a kind of felt, and that puzzles very nicely. You can even easily slide the puzzle pieces on the puzzle mat. I myself have experience with a kind of felt puzzle mat, but I notice that loose hairs are more likely to appear on it and sometimes pieces 'snag' behind threads. But very limited!

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - How do you use the elastic bands?

This puzzle mat comes with 2 elastic bands, with which you can nicely 'fix' the puzzle around the cardboard tube. However, I did not fully understand how to use these elastic bands. I heard that from my son. I tried to 'pull' the elastic bands around it. However: you can just loosen the elastic bands and then attach them very easily. Well, look how easy it is in principle, I didn't know this 🙁
NOTE: the video you see below belongs to this one JUMBO puzzle mat for 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 pieces (so that's a different one than you see here on this page!!)

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - Part 3 - Roll up puzzle mat

I am now going to roll up the puzzle in the JUMBO puzzle mat and experience how well this goes. This actually works quite easily and it is important that you do not put your pieces flat on the edge of the puzzle mat, because then they will fall out. When you start rolling up, a few pieces fell over for me, because I couldn't get the puzzle mat very firmly against the puzzle roll. After that, not a single piece fell over. However, when I was almost done rolling up I noticed that I put the pieces a little too close to the edge, and then they fall off the puzzle mat. But that's a piece of experience, that won't happen to me next time. Securing with the elastic bands was a bit difficult, they are quite tight. That is good at first sight, because then the puzzle mat will stay in place well. In my opinion they could have been a little less tight.

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - Part 4 - Unrolling puzzle mat

Unrolling the puzzle mat is much easier than rolling it up. You can easily remove the elastic baths. Unrolling is also easy and the pieces stay in place. Especially in the beginning of the unrolling. However, at the end when you have almost unrolled the entire puzzle, you notice that the puzzle mat remains less tight around the cardboard tube and therefore some pieces 'fall off'. These pieces end up upside down on the puzzle mat. However, the damage is not that bad, I think I had to turn around 20-30 pieces again.

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - Puzzle pieces are on the puzzle mat

We have the whole puzzle Jan van Haasteren Cabinet of Curiosities placed on the JUMBO puzzle mat for 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces. you can now clearly see how the puzzle mat is and that there are still small bumps in it. Probably because it was folded in the box. It didn't bother me that much while puzzling. But take a look at the puzzle mat. If you'd rather not do that while puzzling, I've found a solution for that. Namely ironing the puzzle mat with (or without) a tea towel in between. You can see that in the next video. And you will also see the result of the puzzle mat AFTER ironing.

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - What does the puzzle mat look like BEFORE ironing?

I made a close-up of the puzzle mat before I iron it. The ironing really helps, also watch the following video when the puzzle mat IS ironed. I have not been bothered by this myself, but can imagine that some people prefer a very smooth puzzle mat:

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - Ironing the puzzle mat with a tea towel in between

Yep, it's really true. I'm here ironing! That was quite some time ago. But I ironed the puzzle mat with a tea towel in between so as not to damage it. Have to say that afterwards I ironed it without a tea towel in order to make it even flatter. That also works, but watch out, you can of course damage your puzzle mat!

JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces - What does the puzzle mat look like AFTER ironing?

You can see quite a difference from the flatter puzzle mat AFTER ironing. If you want this, this is an option!

Pros and cons JUMBO Puzzle mat 1000 pieces?


  • certainly fine quality of the puzzle mat itself: felt. Puzzles easily and nicely. Pieces can be moved
  • cheap! For only about 15 euros you have a great puzzle mat for 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces
  • easy in use


  • not all 1000 piece puzzle pieces fit on the puzzle mat, you have to store them yourself or use puzzle trays or puzzle sheets
  • puzzle mat is not completely smooth after unpacking, is bent in several places, which makes 'puzzling' more difficult


Should you prefer to puzzle on a larger puzzle mat, which can accommodate all your pieces for a puzzle of 1000 pieces, then choose the JUMBO puzzle mat 1 size larger, namely the 'JUMBO puzzle mat for 1000 | 1500 | 2000 | 3000 pieces'. With this one you can roll up ALL the pieces in the puzzle mat and you don't have to put them back in the box or use puzzle boxes.

The score of this puzzle mat in the 'Best Puzzle Mat' list: 6,64

This puzzle mat is on the list of 'Best Puzzle Mat'. Final score: 6,64
You can see the score here:

And explained all rated items of this Jumbo puzzle mat:
TestItem Description
1. Tube Quality Fine, hard cardboard tube, which cannot break so quickly. But still, the fact that you have to put it together yourself with 3 parts can sometimes cause minor damage to the edges. By the way, it is a large tube with a diameter of 5 centimeters - so 10 centimeters measured from one side to the other.
2. Tube Ease of use This one is disappointing, because it seems easy, but in the insides of the tube there is also an item that can slide along. See also my video about this
3. Closure Ties Fine in themselves, they are very elastic, but not made of the strongest material.
4. Easy to understand Most of them do, but I didn't understand those closing straps, that it's better to take them off first when you put them on. And putting those tubes together was also a thing.
5. Manual available That would have been nice. There is something in 3 or 4 images on the box, but instructional videos or a manual on paper, or Customer Service or Whatsapp would have been very nice.
6. Getting Dirty Puzzle Mat It depends, I have pets and I find that cats and cats really like a green felt puzzle mat. Dust and hair from pets are easily retained.
7. Cleaning puzzle mat Can and goes, with a damp wet cloth. You can't get everything off, but I found it acceptable. I have not tried to put the puzzle mat in the washing machine, but expect it to work perfectly.
8. Roll up puzzle mat In itself fine, best just a little thing to get the closing straps around it. And be careful not to place the puzzle pieces too close to the edges! Light puzzle mat and easy to fold and/or roll up.
9. Unroll puzzle mat Unrolling no problem!
10. Quality puzzle mat itself Nothing wrong with that, everything works fine. Sliding puzzle pieces is also fine. Compared to a rubber mat, I like the rubber one better. But they are also a lot more expensive. Very light, so easy to move or carry.
11. Value for money Price-quality is certainly good. You can use your puzzle mat very often, so it is certainly not expensive. Handy and lightweight and cheap

Do you want to know the entire test result of my experiences with the puzzle mats? Then read the page 'Best puzzle mat'.

About this provider

Size 118 centimeters (length) x 66 centimeters (height)
Weight 700 gram
EAN 8710126176900
Quality mark CE
Puzzle mat material Type of felt
Material Cardboard tube
For which puzzles? 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces
For which puzzles? Maximum length 90 centimeters and height 60 centimeters
closing straps Yes, 2 pieces
Puzzle? Not there

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
amazon.nl 13,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Bol.com 14,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Depuzelgigant.nl 20,95 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Toychamp.nl 15,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now
suprabazar.be 14,98 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Globos.nl 14,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Spellenwinkeldebeovering.nl 17,95 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Battal.nl 14,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Internet-toys.com 13,40 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Blokker.nl 20,19 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Vd.nl 20,68 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Dreamland.be 16,95 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Affordablelegpuzzels.nl 17,95 (Oct 2020) Buy now
vidaxl.nl 21,17 (Oct 2020) Buy now
Birthfriend.nl 13,99 (Oct 2020) Buy now


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Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
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 1 reviews
by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Great puzzle mat at a good price

I wrote the above review (October 2020). Great puzzle mat for a very good price. The material in particular is very nice. Suitable for no less than 3 puzzle sizes, which is also a nice bonus. If you really want to roll up ALL the puzzle pieces in 1 and the same mat, choose a larger puzzle mat!

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