QUALICO Puzzle Mat – 500 | 1000 | 1500 Pieces

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About the QUALICO Puzzle Mat 1500 Pieces

I bought this Qualico Puzzle Mat for 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces in August 2021 for 38 euros at Bol.com. This puzzle mat has a size of 66 centimeters high and 122 centimeters wide. As an indication of the dimensions of standard puzzles:

  • A 500 piece puzzle is: 49 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high
  • A 1000 piece puzzle is: 68 centimeters wide and 49 centimeters high
  • A 1500 piece puzzle is: 90 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high
  • A 2000 piece puzzle is: 98 centimeters wide and 68 centimeters high
  • A 3000 piece puzzle is: 122 centimeters wide and 85 centimeters high

In an image the size and dimensions of this puzzle mat

The above again in table: which puzzle fits on this Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces?

Number of Pieces Dimensions Puzzle Dimensions Qualico Puzzle Mat
500 49 cm wide x 45 cm high 122 cm wide x 66 cm high
1000 68 cm wide x 49 cm high 122 cm wide x 66 cm high
1500 90 cm wide x 60 cm high 122 cm wide x 66 cm high
2000 98cm wide x 68cm high (DOES NOT FIT) 122 cm wide x 66 cm high

If you would like to see other puzzle sizes, please see our page 'Puzzle dimensions'. As you can see, a maximum of puzzles of 122 x 66 centimeters fit on this puzzle mat. A puzzle of 2000 pieces would therefore just NOT fit on this puzzle mat. I have the rare 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle'Jan van Haasteren Sports Day 2 – 81260H' made on this puzzle mat.

What's in the box of the QUALICO Puzzle Mat 1500 Pieces

I've explained everything out of the box so you can see exactly what you're buying. If you are going to make a puzzle of 500 or 1000 pieces (I will make a 1000 pieces), some puzzle mats will indicate with a white line which size puzzle you can place where on the puzzle mat, for example a Jumbo puzzle mat on which you can also place puzzles of 1500 or 2000 or 3000 pieces:

So the box contains:

  • The black puzzle mat itself measures 66 centimeters high and 122 centimeters wide, made of Neoprene. Neoprene is the same material that a mouse pad is made of (or the diving suits we know well)
  • 1 white foam tube, made of hard material, white
  • 3x black Velcro closing strips
  • A card with a nice text on it (see below), including a QR code to be scanned (more about this below)

Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - everything out of the box from above

The square box with the texts

I have made a picture of all sides of the box, but nowhere does it say that this puzzle mat is for puzzles up to and including 1500 pieces:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces box - 1

Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces box - 2

Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces box - 3

Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces box - 4

The 3 closing straps or Velcro straps

Easy to release and attach:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - 3 Velcro strips loose

The 3 closing tracks / Velcro straps

Another photo, but then you see the 3 Velcro straps around the puzzle mat roll:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - the 3 Velcro straps

The Neoprene Qualico puzzle mat – black

It does not shift because of the rubber on the bottom and the top is very smooth. Make sure that the logo can be seen above, that you do not hold the puzzle mat the wrong way round.
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - only the matJPG

Again the puzzle mat with the Qualico logo

This way you know exactly what the top of the puzzle mat should be, namely the one with the logo:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - mat with Qualico on it

The foam roll-up belt included

You see the foam tube, now lying on the puzzle mat. This tube is not hollow. Unlike other puzzle mats, this is not a hard cardboard tube that you have to assemble:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - foam roll-up band included

Card with nice text and QR code

The QR code is the same as the QR code on the outside of the box, which I had already scanned – see the video below about the QR code (and earn up to 55 euros in vouchers!). Nice message from Qualico, including a Whatsapp phone number:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - card

And rolled up the puzzle mat again

And another image of the rolled up Qualico puzzle mat:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces - rolled puzzle mat

QUALICO Puzzle Mat 1500 Pieces - unpacking the box

I made an unpacking video for the Qualico Puzzle Mat up to 1500 pieces:

QUALICO Puzzle mat and scanning the QR code

On the box of the QUALICO puzzle mat is a QR code that you can scan. I did that immediately and was very curious about what you get to see. You will have to deal with a chat robot in Facebook Messenger that will help you on your way and give you all kinds of information and tips. It starts with the heading 'Info & Service'. But this is not a complete manual or instructional video. You will be presented with an image (quite some language errors - seems to have been translated from another language I'd say). You have to choose which language you want to continue in and then which product you bought (couldn't they have put that in that QR code, because I'm scanning my puzzle mat?). But: the work is nice and simple and convenient. You can see in the picture what's in the box and how to use the puzzle folder: start the puzzle - use the foam tube - roll up the puzzle - attach the straps. They also give puzzle tips. Handy, nice and neatly done!

Then: you can still earn vouchers for 55 euros! Wow, while this puzzle mat cost about 40 euros. What do you have to do for that? The following:
– review the QUALICO puzzle mat at Bol.com: gives you 5 euros in vouchers
– make a video showing that you use the QUALICO puzzle mat and why you like that product; you then have to upload this in Facebook Messenger. This will give you 50 euros worth of vouchers from QUALICO! Well worth it!

I have to say that after I posted a review as well as made a video, I had to wait a very long time for a human response from Qualico. Both the Bol.com discount code and the voucher took several days to arrive. Until I got a Qualico employee 'on the phone' via Facebook Messenger. You should know, for the rest you always talk with a so-called chat bot. So it took quite a while, but once I had made contact, everything went smoothly and I simply received the discount code for Bol.com and the voucher.

Explaining the puzzle

I started explaining the puzzle, that is, sorting all the pieces on the Qualico puzzle mat. First you see here the box and the pieces from the box on the Qualico puzzle mat:
Qualico puzzle mat up to 1500 pieces with box Sports Day 2 and pieces on puzzle mat
I always sort the straight pieces out of the other pieces. This time it was not necessary, because I had bought the puzzle 2nd hand, and to my surprise all the straight pieces were already neatly in a plastic bag! So saves again :-). What immediately strikes me and is disappointing is that not all pieces fit on the puzzle mat for 1500 pieces. The puzzle is of course, because it consists of 1000 pieces (68×49), but I have to put quite a few pieces outside the puzzle mat:
Qualico puzzle mat sorted and eluted all the pieces but not the straight ones yet
I am always in favor of buying a very spacious puzzle mat of 3000 pieces when you put a puzzle of 1000 pieces. Which puzzle mat would you choose? I have explained a few things for you before:which puzzle mat should I choose or which puzzle mat is right for me"?
What I immediately noticed was the very nice surface of this puzzle mat, made of neoprene. It smells a little bit like this black puzzle mat (why is this black and all those felt puzzle mats green?). Neoprene is the same material that wetsuits are made of. But the surface seems very nice, very smooth and I easily wiped a few cat hairs from this mat! That is promising!

You can also see all of the above in my video:

Arggh….if I want to lay the straight pieces or the edges, it does NOT fit on the puzzle mat as I laid it! What does the case want? The puzzle 'Sports day 2' is a vertical puzzle (what is a vertical puzzle?)! And then it just doesn't fit on this puzzle mat:
So I had to rearrange everything to the correct proportions:
jan van hastenen sports day 2 vertical puzzle well placed on qualico puzzle mat
But then you immediately know why there are hardly any (or no??) vertical puzzles made these days, it is just less fun and easy to puzzle. As you can see, I'm just not as good at the top of the puzzle. You always sit at the bottom of the puzzle, but the top is quite far away. And most puzzlers don't like that, neither do I

Roll up or store the QUALICO Puzzle Mat

I started rolling up the Qualico puzzle mat. Have deliberately left the pieces very close to the edge to see what happens to them. With the green felt puzzle mats, some pieces sometimes fall out, because they are less strong (read slap = felt). However dart does not happen, only 1 pieces fell out. The Qualico puzzle mat also has a very small (almost invisible) raised edge all around the puzzle mat. I think that helps, but what definitely helps is that the Qualico puzzle mat is very robust and sturdy. And you can tighten the puzzle mat with the Velcro straps so that it is securely fastened. I myself had trouble a few times with how to put the Velcro straps around it, so that the Velcro straps can always be attached. But maybe that's my own clumsiness (?). The only thing is that you have to take into account that pieces can fall out at the very end. Let that be a tip before you start rolling up your puzzle in this mat. See the video for this, so you understand exactly what I mean:

Unroll the QUALICO Puzzle Mat

I made a roll-down video, with all the puzzle pieces in it. To see if the puzzle pieces stay put. And above all good I must say! Only a few pieces were turned over and the puzzle remained almost entirely intact. I have a lot of experience with felt green puzzle mats, but this one is just a little bit better I would say. No pieces have fallen out, except for the pieces at the entire end (but see the text above under 'Rolling up or storing the QUALICO Puzzle Mat'). I found it a bit difficult to loosen the Velcro straps, because you have to remove them from underneath. This is a little more convenient with a green felt puzzle mat, there is usually a kind of closing clip on the fastening straps.
This is the video I made about it:

QUALICO and the SGS Quality Mark

It turns out that the Qualico puzzle mat has an SGS quality mark. That means nothing to me. I just looked it up. SGS writes this on their website 'Quality assurance and quality assurance services from SGS – ensure your materials, products, machines, equipment and industrial facilities are manufactured to all regulations.' Furthermore, SGS is a very large company: “SGS is the world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification. We are known as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS maintains a network of approximately 2600 offices and laboratories worldwide with more than 93.000 employees.'

QUALICO Puzzle Mat 1500 Pieces - Cleaning

As for getting dirty: in our house you have 2 cats, but not once has a cat sat on the puzzle mat. Unlike the green felt mats, on which they sat and lay down very often. As a result, quite a few hairs came to sit on it, which are difficult to remove. The Qualico therefore gets dirty less quickly, but is also much easier to clean. Two possibilities: your hands are already doing quite well. But it is also very easy with a slightly damp cloth. All dust and pet hair disappear very easily! I made a video of this:

Quality of the puzzle mat

When you talk about the quality of the puzzle mat, I think of: can I easily slide the puzzle pieces on the puzzle mat? Yes! That is really going very well. Incredibly easy. But very nicely done, they also made a small raised edge, so that the puzzle pieces do not fall off the puzzle mat AND when you roll it up that they fall off less easily. And that works. I also experienced: our cats don't really sit on it, while they always sit directly on such a green felt mat, even though I put all kinds of things on it to prevent this. Perhaps it is the material that they do not find attractive to sit on. The Qualico can be compared to a kind of mouse mat. The fact that the cats do not sit on it already means that there are much less / no cat hairs on it. And if hairs come up, you can easily remove them with your hands. And I'm sure you can still do that with a damp cloth. This puzzle mat will not suffer from that. It is also not a very heavy puzzle mat. So very happy with the quality!!
I made a video of the above:

Pros and cons of the QUALICO puzzle mat


  • Good material that neoprene, puzzle pieces slide very easily
  • Good material which is neoprene, easy to keep clean with your hand or damp cloth
  • Raised edge, so that puzzle pieces hardly fall out when rolled up
  • Lightweight puzzle mat
  • Price-quality: Top! But just how you look at it. Top quality, but more expensive, unless you are willing / (can) pay for it


  • The Velcro straps are a bit clumsy. I had a little trouble with it
  • Price-quality: Moderate! But just how you look at it. Pricey, if you are not willing/(can) pay for it. You can get a comparable green felt mat for about 22 euros
  • If you make a puzzle of 1000 pieces, not all pieces fit on this puzzle mat. Are you going to roll up, there must certainly be pieces in the box
  • Contact with Customer Service if you really want to talk to a person/person took a long time to see. But after contacting an employee of Qualico, this was fine and very helpful

I really think this is the very best puzzle mat I've tested to date (September 2021). It is indeed a more expensive puzzle mat, but you get a lot in return!

The score of this puzzle mat in the 'Best Puzzle Mat' list: 7,82

This puzzle mat is on the list of 'Best Puzzle Mat'. Final score: 7,82
You can see the score here:

And explained all rated items of the Qualico puzzle mat:
TestItem Description
1. Tube Quality The advantage of the Qualico puzzle mat is that the tube is made of foam. This is a hard but also light material. Handy, not very sensitive to damage.
2. Tube Ease of use The ease of use is very simple, you do not have to assemble the tube yourself. So nothing can go wrong
3. Closure Ties The closing straps are made of Velcro. I didn't find this very useful I must say, I kept struggling with how to get it on now. Also, 1 hijacked over time.
4. Easy to understand It's a simple product. For me it came naturally. You always have some questions, not all of which are answered in the manual.
5. Manual available Limited. There is a QR code that you can scan and that refers you to a video and step-by-step plan on how to use the puzzle mat. You can also use the chat service - as Customer Service. At the time, it took quite a while for me to respond to my questions. In the end, however, very helpful.
6. Getting Dirty Puzzle Mat Yes, it gets dirty with dust / pet hair, but limited, partly because the cats like to lie on it much less than on a green felt puzzle mat.
7. Cleaning puzzle mat Works great, convenient and fast! That's nice. Qualico itself does not report anything about this.
8. Roll up puzzle mat Extra nuance in the puzzle mat due to an edge on the outside of the puzzle mat prevents the pieces from falling out.
9. Unroll puzzle mat No problem!
10. Quality puzzle mat itself Great, puzzle pieces slide very easily. I personally think it is one of the most important items of a puzzle mat. Easy to clean, gets a little dirty. Light weight.
11. Value for money Very nice. Definitely the rubber. Small raised edge on the outside of the puzzle mat. More expensive than the green felt puzzle mats, but you also get something for it

Do you want to know the entire test result of my experiences with the puzzle mats? Then read the page 'Best puzzle mat'.

About this provider

Size 122 centimeters (width) x 66 centimeters (height)
Weight 1,5 kilogram
EAN 5419980047427
Quality mark SGS Seal of Approval
Puzzle mat material Neoprene
Material foam tube
For which puzzles? 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces
For which puzzles? 90 cm wide x 60 cm high
closing straps Yes, 3 pieces. Velcro straps
Puzzle? No, not included

Where can I buy?

Provider Pricing Visit the site
Bol.com 37,95 (Aug 2021) Buy now


Post a review

Post a review

Puzzle 1000 pieces
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by marc op Puzzle 1000 pieces
ridiculously expensive

Wanted to order the puzzle mat now, the price has now risen to 79,95 for this size! It's ridiculous to let the price rise like that. I'm giving up unfortunately.

by Gerben van Vineyards op Puzzle 1000 pieces
Best Puzzle Mat to date!

I wrote the above review and have to say that this was the most expensive puzzle mat to date (38 euros), but that I am really very enthusiastic about it! Actually I would have liked to give a 6 or 7 stars. I did start comparing with the green felt puzzle mats. And yes, it is more expensive, but you do get your money's worth.

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